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Laser cutting technology appeared in bionic drones

by:VENTECH     2022-03-18

At the same time as the popularity of humans and machines, various fantastic small flying equipment gradually became popular. In a French laboratory, there was a bionic drone named 'MetaFly' with a peculiar appearance and design. The flying method stands out in the UAV family. It is different from ordinary airplanes and UAVs. It completely imitates the flying method of living creatures-flapping wings to achieve the purpose of flying.

MetaFly is mainly developed by imitating the flight mode and control system of natural creatures, combined with technical means such as fluid mechanics, material science, and microsystem control. If you pay attention, you will find that MetaFly's wings are not rigid machinery. , But a flexible bionic wing made of special materials. This pair of special wings can also withstand the disturbance of unstable air currents and obstacles encountered in flight to a certain extent.

With the application of special-shaped cutting and precision welding machines in the field of creative design, many bionic drones use 3D printing technology to make the fuselage, and the wings are made of carbon fiber and laser cutting film to make it in the flight process. The medium is lighter and more flexible. Aiming at the characteristics of bionic UAVs such as easy camouflage and simple structure, they are more suitable for secret operations. Its role in the future military field cannot be underestimated.

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