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Laser cutting solution for automobile fender door trim

by:VENTECH     2022-02-15

Laser technology is playing an increasingly important role in automobile manufacturing, such as laser cutting, laser marking, and laser welding. In a car, metal, plastic, and rubber are widely used materials in cars. And plastic parts can be seen everywhere in the interior and exterior of cars. As small as car buttons, cup holders, etc., as large as car dashboards, car door trims, car fenders, etc., they are all plastic products. Today, I will introduce in detail the laser cutting of plastic products such as car fenders and door trims.

Five-axis laser cutting machine is often used by us to cut plastic products on automobiles, because plastic products such as automobile interior parts and dashboards are usually Because of the uneven three-dimensional shape, the conventional carbon dioxide laser cutting machine can no longer meet the cutting requirements of three-dimensional, curved and special-shaped materials. The five-axis laser cutting machine is developed by combining three-dimensional technology and laser technology. This model can realize 360-degree multi-directional cutting. It breaks the limitation that the traditional laser cutting machine can only cut flat products.

The five-axis laser cutting machine can realize the cutting of complex curved surfaces according to the preset path. The cutting angle is accurate, and the edge effect is smooth and beautiful. It is used to cut door trims, helmets, three-dimensional lampshades, models, etc. of automotive interior parts. High efficiency, fast and efficient.

Recommended model: 3D laser cutting machine

Model Features:

1. This model is a high-end model, currently has a cutting format of 1200*800, and supports customization of other sizes

2. The three-dimensional five-axis laser cutting machine can be suitable for various non The three-dimensional cutting of metal materials is highly intelligent.

3. The machine is equipped with a motion simulator, which can manually adjust the cutting path by remote control

4. The machine runs smoothly and the maintenance cost is low. Including long-term warranty and lifetime technical support

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