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Laser cutting small metal objects to create a quality life

by:VENTECH     2022-02-09

Speaking of laser cutting machines, our general impression is like this

There is also this

In the industrial field, laser cutting machines have gradually become the mainstream production method in sheet metal processing due to their high-speed and high-efficiency advantages. But such a behemoth is not far away from our lives. The various small objects cut by laser also provide convenience for people and bring joy to life.

Laser cutting metal lamps

General desk lamps take up a lot of space, and they may accidentally fall to the ground. The laser-cut foldable lamps have brought the minimalism to the extreme. Basically, all unnecessary parts of the traditional light source lamps have been removed. They are made of only a piece of metal, which can be hung on the wall and takes up a small space. Unique The shape is definitely an eye-catching weapon.

Laser cut metal hook

A piece of small metal hook, seemingly simple but can make full use of the space behind the door, is a home storage tool, using a laser cutting machine to cut metal materials, hollowed out villains, smart flowers and birds, any graphics can be formed at one time The step of opening the mold is omitted, and the laser cutting makes the metal hook more creative.

Laser cut metal fruit plate

Exquisite life can't be sloppy even with a fruit plate. Abandon the traditional rigid form, laser cutting makes the metal fruit plate come alive. Consists of a single rectangular stainless steel module. The metal plates are laser cut and welded together to ensure stronger durability. Perforated through the gaps between geometric elements, magical lighting and shadow effects are created.

Laser cutting metal comb

A good comb should be like a well-made watch and a cufflink that reflects taste, becoming one of the essential items for a gentleman. Every everyday object should be like a durable sculpture and design. This comb from Chicago combines modern laser cutting technology with traditional handicraft technology. The former guarantees the precision and meticulousness of the comb, while the latter allows Each comb is unique.

Laser cutting advantages

Good effect: Laser cutting uses 'non-contact processingMoreover, the incision is smooth and burr-free, which can directly omit the deburring process compared with traditional processing.

Automation: Laser cutting is equipped with a CNC system to achieve automation. You only need to import the graphics of the processed workpiece into the special cutting software, or directly draw the graphics through the software, and you can simply cut the design samples.

Easy to operate: Compared with the traditional cutting process, the laser cutting process is simple. There is no need for a large amount of labor, and the machine and equipment are operated by humans.

Laser cutting machines give new ideas to all kinds of small objects, changing not only the appearance, but also the quality of life. Click here to learn about laser cutting machine products.

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