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Laser cutting process of non-slip mute gaskets for furniture floor mats

by:VENTECH     2022-02-17

Our common furniture such as wardrobes, tables, etc., the little friends of Loving Hut usually put mute gaskets on the corners of the table and cabinet feet, which can not only silence and prevent noise, but also protect the floor and the furniture itself. , It can also be slip resistant and wear resistant. It is a very practical small tool. Our common silent non-slip gaskets are usually made of: EVA foam material, silicone rubber material, 3M rubber pad, high temperature insulating tape, etc., with various types and rich styles.

Speaking of the cutting of silent gaskets, the editor today will introduce a piece of equipment specially cited by many non-slip silent gasket manufacturers—carbon dioxide laser cutter. The carbon dioxide laser cutting machine uses a glass tube laser, which is mainly suitable for cutting various non-metallic materials. It can easily cut a variety of materials and styles of non-slip and silent gaskets. The carbon dioxide laser cutting machine uses a laser non-contact cutting mode to accurately target Position cutting, whether it is conventional or special-shaped cutting, can be easily completed, which can meet some customized special needs. The cut gasket has a neat shape, smooth edges without burrs, high cutting efficiency, no manual assistance, and automatic loading and unloading, which is very convenient.

Recommended model: Felt cloth laser cutting machine

Model Advantages:

1. The equipment can be equipped with double heads, four heads and multiple heads can cut at the same time, which greatly improves the cutting efficiency.

2. For special-shaped patterns, only need to import computer and software control, which can easily complete complex Pattern cutting

3. The model has a wide range of applications, and various non-metallic materials such as: cloth, non-woven fabric, foam, rubber, bamboo, wood, silicone, plastic, etc. can be cut

4. Beautiful cutting effect, high precision, suitable for mass production.

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