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Laser cutting process of car sticker, personalized car logo

by:VENTECH     2022-02-15

Car stickers are also called car garlands, car logos, and car stickers. They are used by many people to decorate cars or advertising. Common car stickers are generally wear-resistant and UV-resistant outdoor special PVC stickers. . The car film has various shapes and bright colors, which is very popular and used by many people. However, how is the car sticker cut after printing? The editor today introduces an automatic positioning laser cutting machine that is specially used for car sticker car mold cutting equipment.

The automatic positioning laser cutting machine is in The conventional laser cutting machine is equipped with a visual recognition function, which can intelligently recognize the printed patterns on the car, automatically position, cut along the edge, without manual positioning, high cutting accuracy, and configure an automatic loading and unloading system to realize the car The integrated operation process of pasting, cutting and unloading. Laser cutting adopts non-contact cutting mode, with smooth edges and high aesthetics.

Recommended model: Visual positioning laser cutting machine

Model features:

1. It is equipped with a large-format cutting size of 1800*1400mm to meet the large-area cutting needs of car stickers.

2. Large visual recognition positioning and cutting to ensure car stickers Fast, efficient and accurate cutting

3. Visual positioning laser cutting machine highly intelligent mechanical cutting, one person can operate 2~3 devices at the same time, greatly reducing labor costs

4. Applicable With a wide range and diverse functions, it can realize full-cut and half-cut of various PVC automotive film, self-adhesive film and other non-metallic films.

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