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Laser cutting of hydrogel mask and hydrogel cold compress

by:VENTECH     2022-01-12

Speaking of hydrogel, many people may not know what it is, but the products he made are used in many industries. The hydrogel we often say is a network of hydrophilic polymer chains, sometimes called colloidal gel. As a material with high water absorption and high water retention and stable performance, hydrogels are widely used in medical, health, environmental protection, and industrial applications. In agriculture and other fields, we often make facial masks in cosmetics, antipyretic patches, pain relief patches, scald patches in medical treatment, etc., which are widely used and deeply loved by the public.

·Medical hydrogel cutting

When it comes to cutting hydrogel materials, we often choose laser cutting machines. Cutting, that is, hydrogel laser cutting machine. Because hydrogel laser cutting is a kind of non-contact cutting, it is safe and pollution-free during the cutting process. It is especially suitable for industries with high cutting requirements such as medical treatment and beauty. It can be used in a short time. Realize fast and efficient cutting of hydrogel, with smooth and flat edges, and can realize full-cut, half-cut, hollow, perforated and other cutting styles at one time. Hydrogel laser cutting machine is a simple, fast and efficient hydrogel cutting equipment.

Recommended models

Hydrogel laser cutting machine is mainly used for: cutting hydrogel products, cutting hydrogel masks, hydrogel antipyretic stickers, hydrogel pain relief Paste cutting, medical hydrogel products cutting, etc.

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