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Laser cutting metal interprets the beauty of industry

by:VENTECH     2022-02-09

What can a metal laser cutting machine do? There are many answers. In the industrial field, stainless steel as thin as 1mm thick to 50mm can be easily completed by laser cutting machines. In sheet metal processing, automobile manufacturing, engineering machinery and other fields, metal laser cutting machines have been seen everywhere. .

In our lives, cold metal can also create unexpected beauty through the ingenious processing of laser. Furniture, lighting, artwork, details of different sizes, embellish life and deduce the beauty of laser craftsmanship.

The furniture of the London design company combined a table with two chairs intimately to complete the small space but very sculptural furniture A-Cute. Using metal as the material, using laser cutting, the final 'table' can perfectly 'hide' the chair in the table, which looks like a unique geometric installation artwork.

The studio beam in Tel Aviv has designed a series of lamps called slims. Each piece uses laser-cut metal and hand-welded silver. The designers refer to a kind of works designed by ancestors centuries ago, and convert their original physical shapes into linear structures and outlines, so that they can emit light in all directions.

Israeli artist David Costa, his original 'Cut-out sculpture' is different from traditional sculptures, laser cutting metal plates, carving out different themed images, and then using paint Drawing and coloring on the metal plate, use plain visual language to express the awe of art, the understanding of life, and the love for humanity.

The reason why laser cutting technology is so popular is that laser cutting metal only needs to design graphics on the computer, and then the desired graphics can be presented immediately, with arbitrary graphics, free size and depth adjustment, High precision, fast speed, smooth cut without burrs, 'non-contact' processing without crushing the material and other advantages.

For designers, with the help of laser cutting machines, they can quickly put their inspiration into practice. For industrial processing, the flexibility and flexibility of laser cutting machines enable metal processing manufacturers to effectively save manpower And time cost, so laser cutting machine is also recognized as the most effective way to replace traditional processing.

The MARVEL series fiber laser cutting machine launched by Huagong Laser can perforate 8000 pieces of 20mm thick plates at high speed at one time without blasting, creating a perfect section processing effect.

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