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Laser cutting metal and non-metal

by:VENTECH     2022-02-09

Laser cutting machines are mainly divided into two categories, one is a fiber laser cutting machine that specializes in cutting metals, and another is a carbon dioxide laser cutting machine that specializes in cutting non-metallic materials. I often encounter customers’ questions 'Is there a laser machine that can cut both metals and non-metals?' The answer is yes. In the past, there was a popular machine on the market that can cut both metals and non-metals. , Called mixed cutting machine. However, after long-term use and testing, it was gradually eliminated by the market due to its extremely unstable and high failure rate.

Recommended model: metal laser cutting machine

Of course, there may be other manufacturers still making this equipment on the market , But our Zhite Laser currently does not produce this type of equipment. In fact, there are laser machines that can cut both metals and non-metals. They are called 'ultraviolet picosecond laser cutting machines.' This type of equipment uses ultraviolet picosecond lasers with very high cutting accuracy, but its limitation is that it is only suitable for cutting thinner materials. , Metal and non-metal materials of a few tenths of a millimeter, therefore, have certain use limitations, generally in medical, electronic and other industries that require precision cutting are widely used.

Recommended model: carbon dioxide laser cutting machine

Laser cutting metal materials is currently our company The maximum power produced can cut 20mm metal plates. Of course, larger laser power can cut thicker metal materials. However, our company takes into account performance and use and other considerations. Currently, only metal laser cutting machines with 6000W power are produced. Laser cutting of non-metallic materials. Our company currently can achieve a maximum power of 300W. It can be used to cut fabrics, paper products, plastics, rubber and other materials. The maximum size of acrylic can be cut to 20mm, and plastics and rubber can be cut within 10mm. One of the characteristics of laser cutting is that it belongs to single-layer cutting, and laser belongs to thermal cutting. If multiple layers are cut together, the edges are prone to adhesion, which affects the cutting effect. Above, some characteristics of the laser cutting machine when cutting materials.

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