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Laser cutting machines are widely used in the kitchenware industry

by:VENTECH     2022-02-11

Guide: Kitchenware is also a part of furniture. Good kitchenware can play an icing on the cake for the decoration of the whole family environment, and it can also objectively reflect people’s life tastes and habits. Good kitchenware can also make us enjoy more High-level joy of life. As the role of kitchen utensils becomes more and more important, the processing of kitchen utensils is also paid more and more attention. In the kitchenware industry, there are various metal materials, such as stainless steel, fireproof board materials, aluminum/iron, etc., and the use of stainless steel is particularly common. Therefore, the emergence and use of metal laser cutting machines have become a shining treasure in the kitchenware industry.

I believe that this is not the first time people have heard about fiber laser cutting machines. In the fiercely competitive laser equipment, various steel plate laser cutting machines, laser marking machines, laser drilling machines, etc. are popular objects. With the flow of cheap labor, lack of superb technology, and rising production costs, only the products of technological development can lead the development trend of the times. As one of the most popular cutting technologies, laser cutting has been widely used in kitchenware manufacturing. Compared with traditional cutting processes, laser cutting machines can cut better quality workpieces and reduce processing procedures.

Taking sheet metal cutting as an example, traditional sheet metal cutting needs to go through several processes of cutting, punching, and bending. Correspondingly, a large number of molds are required, which requires more cost investment. , Resulting in waste. In contrast, the laser cutting machine does not need to go through these processes, and the cutting effect is better in quality.

In addition to knives, small kitchen appliances such as soup spoons can use laser cutting machines, and large appliances such as range hoods, gas appliances, stove panels, large commercial kitchen utensils, etc. also use sheet metal panels. The traditional process requires a large number of molds, design and manufacturing cycles take a long time, work efficiency is low, and cost is high. In an environment of intense market competition, there is an urgent need to adopt new processing methods and equipment to promote industrial development.

Application of laser cutting in kitchenware industry

In the highly competitive environment of the entire market, there is an urgent need to adopt new processing methods and equipment to promote the development of the industry. As a leading company in the domestic laser industry, FARLEY•LASERLAB is committed to researching and developing advanced laser equipment and providing authoritative solutions for the kitchenware industry.

FARLEY•LASERLABDF3015Plus Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

FARLEY•LASERLABDF3015Plus CNC fiber laser cutting machine adopts gantry structure, high-strength aluminum alloy tensile beam, German professional CNC laser cutting system, precision linear guide and helical gear transmission system. The overall rigidity of the machine tool is good and the performance is stable. , Smooth operation, fast speed, high precision and high processing efficiency. The stainless steel blanking of a single piece of material with any pattern can be completed quickly and well, which reduces labor costs, improves work efficiency, improves the yield of kitchen utensils, and reduces material loss. It can meet the cutting needs of carbon steel, stainless steel and other metal plates, and it is an ideal choice for the processing of medium and thin plates.

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