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Laser cutting machine operation process

by:VENTECH     2022-01-05

After purchasing a laser cutting machine, after the manufacturer’s pre-training, what should we do? Only by proficiently mastering the specific operation steps and methods of the laser cutting machine, can the laser cutting machine be better used, and the cutting effect will be better, and it will better serve the daily production needs.

  1. Laser cutting machine hardware operation process

   The operation of the hardware part is mainly concentrated in the focusing part, and this part of work It is very important. Although the manufacturer has adjusted the focal length before leaving the factory, deviations will inevitably occur during use. At this time, we can choose to find the manufacturer for after-sales, but if the distance is far, it may be necessary to go back and forth. For a longer time, then these few sessions will be very important to adjust the focus.

  2. Laser cutting machine software operation process

   The software part of the laser cutting machine, because the materials to be cut are different, The size is also different, so different parameters need to be set. This part of the parameter setting generally requires professional personnel to set it up, and it may take a lot of time to explore by yourself.

   Therefore, the setting of the parameter part should be recorded when the manufacturer conducts training.

  3. The specific operation steps of the laser cutting machine

  1. Strictly follow the rules and follow the principles of starting and shutting down , Open the machine, do not forcibly close or open;

  2. Turn on the air switch, emergency stop, key switch (see whether the temperature of the water tank has an alarm display)

  3. Turn on the computer, After the computer is fully booted, turn on the start button

  4. Turn on the motor, enable, follow, laser, red light buttons in sequence

  5. Start the machine and import the CAD drawing

  6. Adjust the initial processing speed, tracking delay and other parameters

  7. Adjust the laser cutting machine focus, center adjustment, etc.

   4. Precautions for laser cutting machine operation

  1. When focusing, all parts of the body should not block the laser light path to avoid burns.

  2. The operator should understand the laser operation Standards, to avoid dangerous situations caused by irregular operations during operation

  3. After the equipment is turned on, there should be no one in front of the machine operation table

   4. It is forbidden to stack flammable and explosive materials around the machine , To avoid fire.

  5. Turn off the laser or shutter when the machine is not working

  6. When an abnormality is found in the processing process, you should stop it immediately and find a professional for repair.

   The above are the specific operation methods and precautions of the laser cutting machine. If there are any unclear parts, please contact the manufacturer or after-sales for detailed consultation.

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