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Laser cutting machine is the icing on the cake for kitchen appliances

by:VENTECH     2022-02-13

Guide: With the development and progress of social economy, people have higher and higher requirements for daily necessities and appliances. It not only requires versatile and durable functions, but also hopes to have a chic and beautiful appearance. As an industry closely related to people's daily life, the kitchenware industry has been constantly updated and emerging in recent years. Below, the editor will take you to appreciate a set of creative kitchenware.

With this egg carrier, eggs no longer have to roll around.

No-handle knives let you use more effortlessly

Metal garlic press

Multi-purpose cutting ring can cut various shapes of different thicknesses

The flower blender that can u0026'bloomu0026' makes mixing more fun

You may not know that these exquisite metal kitchen utensils can be made with a laser cutting machine. As one of the most popular cutting technologies, laser cutting has been widely used in kitchenware manufacturing. Compared with traditional cutting processes, laser cutting machines can cut better quality workpieces and reduce processing procedures.

In addition to small kitchen appliances such as knives, laser cutting machines can be used. Large appliances such as range hoods, gas appliances, cooktop panels, and large commercial kitchen utensils also use sheet metal panels. The traditional process requires a large number of molds, design and manufacturing cycles take a long time, work efficiency is low, and cost is high. In an environment of intense market competition, there is an urgent need to adopt new processing methods and equipment to promote industrial development.

Application of laser cutting in kitchenware industry

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The FARLEY·LASERLAB brand of Wuhan Farley Lace Welding System Engineering Co., Ltd. focuses on the Ru0026D and production of laser cutting machines. The company has launched a series of high-precision laser cutting machines for the sheet metal industry, which have been successfully applied to the market and have brought substantial benefits to customers.

FARLEY·LASERLAB DF3015Plus Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

DF3015Plus has always been a hot-selling model in the Farilee plane cutting machine. It adopts a gantry structure machine tool, a high-strength aluminum alloy tensile beam, and a German CNC, drive and motor professional CNC laser cutting system. Linear guide rail and helical gear transmission system, the machine tool has good overall rigidity, stable performance, stable operation, fast speed, fast acceleration, high precision and high processing efficiency. It can meet the cutting needs of carbon steel, stainless steel and other metal plates, and it is an ideal choice for the processing of medium and thin plates.

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