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Laser cutting machine creates a cool kitchen in summer

by:VENTECH     2022-02-10

Guide: There is a saying that 'people are iron rice is steel'. Eating is an important thing that people must need. As cooking utensils, it is a necessity for people's family life. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards , People's demand for high-quality kitchenware has become more obvious. In the hot summer, the kitchen becomes a scorching hell. Below, I will share with you a set of cool kitchen utensils made by laser cutting machine, let’s cool down your kitchen~









At present, my country's kitchenware industry is still a sunrise industry, and it is still in a stage of rapid growth. There is a lot of room for market development. As a kitchenware manufacturer, how can we use high-tech equipment to increase output and quality?

The product update cycle of the kitchenware industry is short, and people's individual demand for the gap is also increasing. This requires the kitchenware industry to improve product technology. Stainless steel blanking requires a variety of special-shaped holes and cutting curves, and punches and turret punches cannot complete openings of any shape. The plasma cutting machine cannot meet the processing requirements in terms of cutting accuracy, and the technical requirements for the operators are very high, which will also cause the increase in material costs and cost expenses.

When the kitchen equipment manufacturer adopts the metal laser cutting machine, all single piece of sheet metal cutting can be completed by the laser cutting machine, reducing the number of line drawing personnel and sheet metal cutting personnel, and reducing labor costs. Work efficiency has also been greatly improved. Using a laser cutting machine for processing can save tens of thousands of processing fees every month. Overall, the investment cost of the laser cutting machine can be recovered in less than a year.

Product recommendation: FARLEY·LASERLABDF3015Plus fiber laser cutting machine

FARLEY·LASERLAB brand under Wuhan Farley Welding System Engineering Co., Ltd., focuses on the Ru0026D and production of laser cutting machines. The company has launched a series of high-precision laser cutting machines for the kitchenware industry, which have been successfully applied to the market and brought huge benefits to customers.

FARLEY·LASERLABDF3015Plus Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

DF3015Plus has always been the best-selling model in the Farilee plane cutting machine. It uses a gantry structure machine tool, a high-strength aluminum alloy tensile beam, and a German CNC, drive and motor professional CNC laser cutting system. Linear guide rail and helical gear transmission system, the machine tool has good overall rigidity, stable performance, stable operation, fast speed, fast acceleration, high precision and high processing efficiency. It can meet the cutting needs of carbon steel, stainless steel and other metal plates. It is an ideal choice for the kitchenware industry.

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