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Laser cutting helps companies seize the blue ocean of fitness equipment

by:VENTECH     2022-02-14

Recently, the 'Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Development of the Fitness and Leisure Industry' (hereinafter referred to as the 'Opinions') officially announced by the General Office of the State Council proposes to accelerate the development of the fitness and leisure industry. In this regard, industry insiders believe that industries related to health and leisure have become a new blue ocean that needs to be further explored. Prior to the 'Thirteenth Five-Year Plan' plan, it was proposed to implement a nationwide fitness strategy, develop sports, strengthen the construction of venues and facilities for mass fitness activities, and promote the opening of public sports facilities for free or at low fees. Policy assistance has brought new development space for the fitness equipment industry, and the future development prospects are promising. According to research data, the size of my country's fitness equipment market in 2015 was about 40 billion yuan, and it is expected that the market size is expected to reach 64 billion yuan by 2020, with a compound growth rate of about 10% in the next five years. From a global perspective, the overall market size of the fitness equipment industry has reached tens of billions of dollars, mainly in developed countries such as Europe and the United States. China's fitness equipment market accounts for a relatively low proportion of the global market. However, with the holding of various international competitions, people's enthusiasm for fitness has increased, and national fitness has become a hot topic in the daily life of the Chinese people. The domestic training and fitness equipment industry is expected to be further developed.

The sports fitness equipment manufacturing industry is a rising star in laser applications. Due to the large number of pipe processing in this industry, pipe cutting and punching processes are often used. Laser cutting, as one of the more popular cutting technologies, is widely used in the processing of fitness equipment. It is highly flexible, high-precision, and high-efficiency. , Short product production cycle and other advantages have become standard equipment in the manufacturing process of the fitness equipment industry. Huagong Falilei has many years of laser cutting experience and continuous innovation. Its cutting solutions for the fitness equipment industry are favored by fitness equipment companies and have been praised by users. Laser cutting technology is a technology with high production efficiency and strong productivity. The tube laser cutting machine has four major advantages. 1. The cutting precision is high, and the dimensional accuracy is high. The cut is flat and clean, without burrs, and material loss is minimal; 2. The heat-affected zone of laser cutting is small, there is almost no thermal deformation, and no oxidation can produce high-quality and more consistent parts. Particularly conducive to subsequent automatic welding; 3. High cutting efficiency, mass production can be achieved. All operations of laser cutting can be unified into the same unit as a continuous operation process, which greatly reduces logistics time. The standard pipe length is 6 meters. The traditional processing method requires very heavy clamping. Laser processing can easily complete the clamping and positioning of several meters of pipe, which makes batch processing possible. 4. The laser cutting machine is controlled by a digital system to ensure accuracy and flexibility. The laser cutting tube processing technology can process any shape that has been programmed, and it can be cut in any direction without making a large number of Templates, so that you can respond more quickly according to customer needs, and provide the possibility to achieve personalized customization. It can be seen that laser cutting pipes can replace mechanical drilling, milling, sawing, punching or cleaning of burrs and other processing procedures that require different equipment and hard tools to realize cutting, chamfering, and cutting of complex pipe structures. Slots or holes, notches, and other possible size and shape feature processing, etc. With the rapid growth of my country's stainless steel pipe production and consumption, laser pipe cutting equipment is rapidly popularizing in my country, and the demand for CNC pipe cutting talents and laser pipe cutting technology is growing rapidly.

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