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Laser cutting advertising metal characters to show the beauty of Chinese characters

by:VENTECH     2022-02-14

Last year, the two programs 'Hero of Chinese Characters' and 'Chinese Character Dictation Conference' became popular. People suddenly discovered that the texts that they see in daily life are so interesting. Chinese characters are inherited and developed all the way, and advertising metal characters are one of them.

The metal characters have bright colors, eye-catching effects, high temperature resistance, climate change resistance, and the ring is not easily deformed, not easy to fade, rain, fire, and spontaneous combustion. The metal characters created by the laser cutting machine are exquisitely processed to show the effect Even better, become a beautiful landscape on both sides of the city streets!

Metal characters are usually made of stainless steel, titanium, copper, etc. Its production processes are generally divided into two categories. The traditional three-dimensional edge and literal welding and polishing are rough, and the materials used are common, and they are generally suitable for Signboard with low craftsmanship requirements.

Nowadays, when 'appearance value' is paramount, traditional signboards obviously cannot meet the needs of brand display. The three-dimensional edges and corners added by the laser cutting machine are tightly welded and the overall appearance is exquisite. Standard configuration for high-end brands.

The beauty of Chinese characters lies in the shape and style, or vigorous and powerful, or elegant and free, or graceful and delicate, and the beauty is intoxicating. The traditional processing technology is limited by the processing precision and cannot reflect the charm of Chinese characters. Laser cutting machine processing can completely avoid such problems. You can cut fonts of various shapes according to the drawings provided by the customer. You only need to import the production pictures of the metal characters into the software to process the desired shape and effect without the need for a second time. Processing.

For this reason, the use of laser cutting can effectively improve processing efficiency and develop new products, which can save time and respond to the rapidly changing processing needs of the advertising industry.

HuaGong Laser's ingenuity casts MARVEL series CNC fiber laser cutting machine, which assists the metal processing in the advertising industry with quality, and shows the charm of Chinese characters with high-precision and high-efficiency quality.

Metal material processing weapon: powerful cutting ability, 'flying' cutting speed, ultra-high stability, high-quality processing, extremely low operating cost and ultra-high adaptability.

Gantry dual-drive structure type: stable structure, good rigidity, high speed, its X, Y single-axis positioning speed can reach more than 100m/min, and the dual-drive acceleration makes X, Y single-axis maximum The acceleration reaches 2G.

Global procurement of core components: The machine body of this product is an integral welded structure, and the beam is cast aluminum, which has been subjected to multiple aging treatments, which has the advantage of good dynamic response. The product has good stability, long life and strong practicability.

Independent research and development of fiber laser: It has strong cutting ability and efficiency. The numerical control system is a special laser cutting control system developed by cooperation. It is a high-end high-end high-end laser cutting, precision machinery, numerical control technology and other advanced technologies. Technology fiber laser cutting machine.

MARVEL series CNC fiber laser cutting machine brings customers not only a brand-new technical solution, but also a pursuit of Huagongfa Laser for technological innovation and products beyond imagination. Its appearance will Redefine the industry standard of China's CNC fiber laser cutting machine, play a strong voice of the times for the global sheet metal processing market, and become a pioneer in the future!

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