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Laser-cut metal three-dimensional billboards, no need to worry about navigation and drainage

by:VENTECH     2022-03-16

Today’s shopping malls are people

New lifestyle urban space

People are in shopping malls

Wandering, eating, buying Buy and buy

I can’t stop at all

For businesses in the same shopping mall

By placing prominent billboards

Can win more consumers to spend in our store

Laser cut metal three-dimensional billboard

Build a traffic engine for shopping mall shops

As a consumer place with a huge flow of people, shopping malls need conspicuous advertisements to convey product discount information to achieve the effect of advertising and attract more people It is undoubtedly the best choice for people to pay attention to the consumption of laser-cut vertical billboards. It is large enough that consumers can see it from a distance. It is convenient and can be placed wherever people pass by.


Vertical billboards are processed by laser-cut metal sheets with post-electrostatic spraying and baking paint processes to achieve exquisite, excellent, durable product effects. Many businesses I am also willing to use the traditional ordinary roll-up banner as a metal vertical billboard that is more high-end and atmospheric when advertising in shopping malls. It can establish a better store impression for businesses in the hearts of consumers and attract consumers to shop for consumption.

The increase in people's income level has brought consumption upgrades and promoted the development of more diversified shopping malls. With the change of advertising materials, it is not easy to attract discerning consumers at the first glance in the dazzling array of shops. The laser cutting process with extraordinary magic can make the vertical billboard catch the eye and stimulate consumption in the invisible.

Recommended model: CW-1530J optical fiber metal cutting machine

Features and advantages:


High-quality fiber laser generator, good spot quality, stable output power, realizing high-precision, high-speed cutting.

Perfect constant temperature cooling system, lubrication system and dust removal system ensure stable, efficient and durable operation of the machine.

With auto focus height follower to keep the focal length constant. The high-precision rack and pinion transmission system is adopted, and the precision is lower than 0.05mm through the precision collimator test during installation and debugging.

Professional CAD/CAM automatic programming software and automatic nesting software are adopted to maximize the saving of raw materials.

Ultra-low operating cost, the laser consumes only 3-4 degrees per hour, and it is easy to operate.

Nowadays, it is very common for us to utilise in punching machine manufacturer. And the quality of is decisive to production efficiency.
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