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Laser-cut metal screens look good!

by:VENTECH     2022-02-09

In the construction industry, the use of steel structures is increasingly widespread. As a new type of energy-saving and environmentally friendly building system, it is known as one of the 'green buildings' in the 21st century. At the same time, the reasonable use of metal materials provides architectural design More room for play. Behind each of the stunning all-steel buildings are pieces of steel plate parts of different shapes. The creation of steel parts requires the use of laser cutting technology. From the huge gated steel frame 'Bird's Nest' that surprised the world at the Beijing Olympics, to the world's largest steel dome National Grand Theater, it has its presence.

This villa is located in San Juan. With the help of parameterization and the laser cutting technology of Iron Art Studio, precise CNC engraving is realized, and the on-site assembly is accurately completed. The use of steel structure makes the space fluid. More, more lighting, more open space.

The reason why laser cutting technology is so popular is that laser cutting metal only needs to design graphics on the computer, and then the desired graphics can be presented immediately, with arbitrary graphics, free size and depth adjustment, High precision, fast speed, smooth cut without burrs, 'non-contact' processing without crushing the material and other advantages.

For designers, with the help of laser cutting machines, they can quickly put their inspiration into practice. For industrial processing, the flexibility and flexibility of laser cutting machines enable metal processing manufacturers to effectively save manpower And time cost, so laser cutting machine is also recognized as the most effective way to replace traditional processing.

The advantages of laser cutting metal:

High cutting efficiency: Due to the transmission characteristics of the laser, the laser cutting machine is generally equipped with multiple CNC workbenches, and the entire cutting process can be fully controlled. During operation, you only need to change the numerical control program to apply the cutting of parts of different shapes.

Fast cutting speed: Take the Huagong Laser MARVEL series CNC fiber laser cutting machine as an example. It can cut 2mm round holes on 1mm thick stainless steel plates, up to 600 holes per minute. With the increase of laser power, this speed It can reach 1200 holes, and the material does not need to be clamped during laser cutting, which not only saves tooling and fixtures, but also saves auxiliary time for loading and unloading.

There are many types of cutting materials: Compared with oxyacetylene cutting and plasma cutting, there are many types of laser cutting materials, including metal, non-metal, metal-based and non-metal-based composite materials, leather, wood, and fiber. However, for different materials, due to their own thermophysical properties and different absorption rates for lasers, they exhibit different laser cutting adaptability.

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