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Laser cut lettering film, shining all summer

by:VENTECH     2022-03-17

If there is one type of clothing that will never go out

It must be a T-shirt!

Simple, versatile, and comfortable...

Almost everyone’s wardrobe will have it in it

Don’t underestimate the seemingly simple T-shirts

The style can be endlessly changed according to the different prints

Have you ever thought about what T-shirt pattern you want to use to show your personality?

Laser cut lettering film, customize your summer personalized T-shirt

lettering film It is a kind of film suitable for printing on various textile fabrics.

It is not limited by the printing color, and has good coverage.

By cutting some letter combinations, pattern text, etc. on the lettering film< /p>

It can make the shape more outstanding

Traditional engraving film cutting machines are slow in speed and high in wear rate

Today's clothing industry is generally used

A laser film cutting machine with many talents for cutting engraving film

The engraving film cutting machine can Design the pattern according to the computer software

Half cut out the corresponding pattern on the film

Then transfer it to the T-shirt with a hot pressing tool

Brush rendering on the canvas, graffiti freely

The laser cutting precision is high and the thermal effect is small

It can greatly reduce the fusion phenomenon

Clear tailoring creates exquisite printing

Improved the quality and grade of clothing

The details of the craftsmanship and the pattern complement each other to make the T-shirt unique

To create a unique summer dress in the hot summer

Become the most brilliant focus in the eyes of others

With you through this brilliant

Recommended machine: large-format radio frequency dynamic marking machine



Suitable for large-area engraving and marking of various non-metallic materials; can be layered Set up to realize the perfect combination of surface engraving, hollowing and cutting techniques at one time.

It can be applied to the cutting of soft and low-density plates. The laser energy is strong, the light spot is small, the mechanical stress is small, and the cutting speed is 5-10 times higher than that of the traditional cutting machine.

Textile fabrics can be engraved on a roll, marked on the fly, engraved on denim, and washed by laser.

Using a fully enclosed optical path, imported CO₂ radio frequency laser, and strict multiple protection and control design.

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