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Kilowatt-class laser cutting machine has become a new bright spot in the sheet metal processing industry

by:VENTECH     2022-02-18

Guide: With the deepening of competition, the profit margins at all stages of the sheet metal industry chain are shrinking, and the room for price reductions is decreasing. The competition in my country's sheet metal market will turn into competition for high-quality, high-tech products. In recent years, the overall level of automation and flexibility in the domestic industry is not high, and the ability of complete sets of lines needs to be improved. Enterprises have gradually realized that laser cutting technology has more cost advantages than traditional processing technologies; therefore, in the current situation of urgent upgrading of the industry, the kilowatt-level Power laser cutting machines have been widely used and have become a bright spot in the rapid growth of my country's sheet metal machinery.

FARLEY·LASERLAB launches new products of kilowatt fiber laser cutting machine series

As a leading brand recognized in the industry for plate cutting and welding, Farley has 38 years of quality accumulation, inherits the first-class advanced cutting manufacturing technology of FarleyLaserlab, Australia, and its own secondary Ru0026D innovation, becoming a common source of 3000 customers Selection, products are widely sold at home and abroad. In the autumn of 2015, Farrell strongly launched a series of new kilowatt-level fiber laser cutting machines, which brought good news to customers in the sheet metal processing industry.

Falilei kilowatt fiber laser cutting machine has the characteristics of high speed, high precision and high adaptability. It also has fine slitting, small heat-affected zone, good cutting surface quality, no noise during cutting, and cutting The edge of the seam has good verticality, smooth cutting edge, and easy automatic control of the cutting process. It can cut materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, etc. When laser cutting plates, no mold is needed, which can replace some punching processing methods that require complex and large molds, which can greatly shorten the production cycle and reduce costs.

Main product: GF3015Plus-1000F CNC fiber laser cutting machine

Recommendation reason: practical and efficient, thin plate cutting all-around king

FARLEY·LASERLABGF3015Plus CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

GF3015Plus-1000F CNC fiber laser cutting machine, adopts gantry structure, aluminum alloy beam; adopts imported grinding helical rack, imported high-precision linear guide transmission system; professional laser cutting CNC system; high-performance servo motor, It is a high-tech product that integrates advanced technologies such as laser technology, precision machinery, and numerical control technology. Equipment details>>>

At present, China's manufacturing industry is in a transitional period of structural adjustment and industrial upgrading. The domestic manual sheet metal industry will gradually withdraw from the market, and the stamping sheet metal and CNC sheet metal will be replaced by better development. As world-renowned multinational manufacturing companies come to China for development, my country’s status as a world manufacturing center and a major consumer country has become increasingly prominent, technology continues to advance, and the economy continues to develop. The demand for sheet metal processing structural parts in various fields will continue to grow. In the next five years , The scale of the industry will still maintain a growth rate of 10%-15%, and the industry has broad prospects for development. As an important tool for sheet metal processing, the development of kilowatt-level CNC fiber laser cutting machines will also usher in new growth points.

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