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Ingenuity laser technology creates a journey of digital bicycle manufacturing

by:VENTECH     2022-02-18

In today's society, we have more or less heard of laser technology. As an advanced processing method, it has been used in many aspects of our lives. Even the most common bicycles in daily life have laser technology. Figure.

Hope Tech is a well-known high-end bicycle parts brand in the UK. Exquisiteness, durability, stability, and reliability seem to have long been synonymous with hope, and self-sufficiency is the most appropriate description of hope, even the smallest bolts are in them Manufactured on CNC lathes, running 24 hours a day, cutting, grinding and polishing; the processing standards of each process have reached the top level in the industry.

Hope disc brakes are mainly made of 2mm stainless steel, using a laser cutting machine dedicated to advanced bicycle accessories. Before that, they used a CO2 laser cutting machine, but due to the CO2 laser cutting metal, there will be problems such as slagging and edge oxidation, and the gas and electricity consumption is very large, and the maintenance cost is high. Therefore, Hope Company replaced the disc brake disc cutting tool with a mature technology fiber laser cutting machine.

On the one hand, under the same power, the cutting speed of the optical fiber in the thin plate is 3 times that of CO2, and the processing efficiency is higher; on the other hand, the fiber laser cutting machine is basically maintenance-free, and the operating cost is lower. The edges of the disc brake pads are smooth, without burrs, no edge trimming is required, and the processing effect is better.

In the United States, a bicycle with most parts made of laser technology. Its designer rode this bicycle through various environments such as beaches, grasslands, roads... A 1,000-kilometer ride from Vegas to San Francisco.

As shown in the bicycle exploded view, 70% of its parts are made of laser 3D printing. The bicycle pedal crank is made of aluminum alloy laser cutting technology, and the grip cover is made of leather laser cutting technology. Using laser technology, when some parts are damaged due to insufficient performance, the two designers learn first-hand information and adjust the design and materials to quickly produce the best bicycle parts.

Even a small bicycle component insists on using laser processing technology to get a more perfect effect. This is the common choice of many manufacturers who pursue high-quality in the metal processing process. In the field of metal processing, Zhitfalilai has accumulated many years of technology and contributed a variety of laser cutting machines to the market. The power covers the range of 1000W-12000W, helping you to create a sophisticated, fashionable and elegant metal art world from a square inch of space.

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