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Identification method of imported laser cutting machine accessories

by:VENTECH     2022-03-13
Laser cutting machines are large and large-scale machine tools, and many manufacturers mostly choose to import them, but many businesses will use some fakes to counterfeit. Imported laser cutting machine accessories can be identified from many aspects, mainly from packaging, internal quality, product price and purchase channels.

1. Identify from the outer packaging

Identification based on packaging is an important procedure for checking the authenticity of imported accessories. The packaging of genuine parts and accessories from professional foreign manufacturers is exquisitely made. There are certain rules for color, pattern and style, and it is generally difficult to imitate the same. Imitation packaging is relatively rough and easier to distinguish.

2. Identify from product quality

Identifying imported fiber laser cutting machine parts from product quality is a key link in identifying the authenticity of genuine parts. Driven by profit, the distributors will assemble the imported genuine parts into the whole machine, and then use the packaging of genuine parts to pack the non-genuine parts and sell them to the market. Therefore, the internal quality of the product must be inspected to confirm the authenticity of imported accessories.

3, distinguish from the product price

The same accessories, genuine parts, professional factory parts, domestic parts and imitations are quite different. The prices of genuine parts are high, followed by professional factories, and the prices of domestic parts and imitations are low. Generally, the price of genuine parts can exceed the price of imitation parts one or two times, and some even more; foreign professional supporting factory parts are slightly lower than the genuine parts of the complete machine factory.

4. Analyze according to the purchase channel

Currently, there are many purchase channels, but nothing more than two aspects. One is directly imported from abroad, and the other is purchased from dealers. The quality of parts imported directly from foreign complete machine factories and parts supporting factories are all. Assure.
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