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How to use metal fiber laser cutting machine

by:VENTECH     2021-12-14

With the continuous advancement of laser technology, the application of laser equipment in industrial production has become more and more extensive. It can process various metal materials, such as common stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum alloy and other materials, and use laser cutting While machining brings convenience to people, efficiency and production process quality have also improved, and it has also brought greater economic benefits to enterprises. The correct use of laser cutting machines is also critical to prolonging the life of the equipment and improving the efficiency of the machine. Hongte laser cutting machine manufacturer will introduce the steps of using metal fiber laser cutting machine today.

From the surface, the use of fiber laser cutting machine only needs to gently press the button to process the desired product, but to make the machine work efficiency very high, we are operating Optimization is also to be done to the extreme, the specific operation process is as follows:

1. Feeding

Determine the material to be processed, place the sheet metal material flat on the processing machine tool, and then determine the stability of the material placement, so as to avoid jitter during the cutting process, resulting in the cutting accuracy not meeting the requirements.

2, check the operation of the equipment

Adjust the auxiliary gas for cutting: select the auxiliary gas for cutting according to the material of the processed plate, and adjust the pressure of the cutting gas according to the material and thickness of the processed material. In order to ensure that the cutting cannot be performed when the air pressure is lower than a certain value, so as to avoid the processing parts from being scrapped and the focusing lens from being damaged.

3. Import drawings

Operate the console, enter the product cutting pattern, and the cutting material thickness and other parameters, then adjust the cutting head to the appropriate focus position, and then reflect and adjust the nozzle center.

4. Check the cooling system

Start the voltage stabilizer and the chiller, set and check whether the water temperature and water pressure are normal, and whether they match the water pressure and water temperature required by the laser.

5. Start cutting with fiber laser cutting machine

Start the laser, and then turn on the machine tool for processing. Observe the cutting situation at any time during the processing. If there is a possible collision of the cutting head, stop cutting in time. After the danger is eliminated, continue cutting.

Although the above five points are very brief, it takes a lot of time to practice in the actual operation process to get familiar with each operation detail.

After using the fiber laser cutting machine, it is necessary to shut down the machine to reduce fiber laser failure and increase the service life of the machine. The specific operations are as follows:

1. Turn off the laser.

2, turn off the chiller.

3. Turn off the gas and exhaust the gas in the pipe.

4. Raise the Z axis to a safe height, turn off the CNC system, and seal the nozzle with transparent glue to prevent dust from polluting the lens.

5. Clean up the scene and record the operation of the cutting machine on the day. If there is a failure, it should be recorded in time so that the maintenance personnel can diagnose and repair it.

The above is the relevant content of 'Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Use Steps' compiled by Hongte, I hope it can help you, if you have any questions directly!

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