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How to solve the problem if the pressure of the laser cutting machine is too low

by:VENTECH     2022-02-28

The laser cutting machine is a new type of cutting equipment. It is a kind of equipment that came into being with the development of the times. Because of its good cutting performance, it is used by many manufacturers, but when it is used, laser cutting opportunities are encountered Some problems, if not solved, may affect the use, so these problems need to be solved, for example, the air pressure of the laser cutting machine is too low.

Before use, pay attention to the output pressure display of the air compressor. If it does not meet the requirements, you can adjust the pressure or overhaul the air compressor. If the input air pressure has reached the requirements, check whether the air filter pressure reducing valve is adjusted correctly and whether the gauge pressure display can meet the cutting requirements. Otherwise, the air filter pressure reducing valve should be maintained daily to ensure that the input air is dry and free of oil.
If the input air quality is poor, it will cause oil stains in the solenoid valve, the valve core is difficult to open, and the valve port cannot be fully opened. In addition, if the air pressure of the cutting torch nozzle is too low, the solenoid valve needs to be replaced; the reduction of the air path section will also cause the air pressure to be too low, and the air pipe can be replaced according to the instructions.
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