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how to set up a mig welder with gas!

by:VENTECH     2020-02-29
Set to MIG welding!
So you bought a used MIG welder and you want to know how to weld soft steel or aluminum with gas?
You came to the right place.
But I have to warn you first.
You should not use it as the only source to set up the welder.
Your welder should have an owner\'s manual or maybe even a service manual.
This is a good source of information for you.
But I know from experience that these manuals are not set up for ease of reading.
However, unless you have a very cheap Chinese-made welder, you should be able to find the owner\'s manual on the manufacturer\'s website and get the information from them as if looking for a needle in a rice field. Install the wires!
The first step to getting your MIG welder ready for welding is to install the wires.
So all you need to do is take the guard ring and the spring off and put the line shaft up.
Be sure to align the holes on the wire shaft with the small pins on the hub.
Also make sure the wire shaft feeds the wire from the bottom.
You should set up the wire correctly before you set up the gas and make sure it works.
Therefore, the first step is to open the welder where the hub and drive rollers are located.
Pass the wire through the guide!
After connecting the shaft, remove the wire from the shaft of the line and give it in through the first guide rail, drive roller and liner guide rail.
The second guide is the guide that supplies the hose liner and the welding gun.
Make sure the wire is on the right drive roller size.
For example, the wire I\'m using is.
30, drive roller can also. 35 or . 30.
There is a stamp on the drive roller that tells you what size it needs.
When you pass the wire through the second rail, it is time to close and tighten the spring tension of the drive roller.
This is an important feature.
You don\'t want to be too tight or too loose.
The key is to push it in after tightening the wire so you can feel its feed effect.
If it is too hard, it will be blocked.
If it is too loose, it will also be blocked.
Remove the nozzle and contact tip!
Make sure the machine is unplugged.
OK, now you want to remove the nozzle and contact the tip from the gun.
The reason you want to do this is if your contact tip is connected when you pass the wire through the hose, it is easy to get stuck with the tip because the opening is small, so you want an open space.
After removing the nozzle and touching the tip, straighten out the hose as much as possible.
This is because you don\'t want the wire to try to go through your hose while you feed it because it will get blocked.
Feed the wires through!
After completing all the above work, you should be ready to open the machine and send the wire through the gun.
But before you do this, make sure your machine is set to continuous feed if you have the welding and pulse welding capabilities.
So plug in the machine, open it, and pull the trigger on the gun.
The wire should go through well until it sticks out of your gun (
No nozzle or contact tip).
If you do not need to fiddle with the hub, wire shaft or drive roller (
Unplug the machine).
Let the wire reach out a few inches and reconnect the nozzle and contact the tip.
Cut off the extra wires so there is.
25 inch of the wire out.
Congrats that you are ready to refuel.
Protect gas and flow meters!
When it comes to protecting the gas cylinder, the first thing you want to do is make sure it\'s fixed by the chain so it doesn\'t fall off.
Second, you want to have a helmet at any time without using the cylinder.
You should install a flowmeter on your gas cylinder.
This watch tells you how much pressure is in the bottle (A)
And then the second meter tells you how much it flows (B).
This gauge should be installed on a cylinder in a vertical position.
Tighten the nut on the rod firmly.
Your machine must have an output accessory for connecting the gas.
Connect the other end of the host to the flowmeter.
You will slowly open the cylinder and then I suggest you turn it on if the flowmeter connection looks like everything is OK.
Away from the valve.
How much gas do you want to flow?
Average at 15-25 CFH.
This station is cubic feet per hour.
Too much gas will cool the weld to fast, too little will cause the weld to have a gas bag, both of which are not good.
So you want to find a sweet spot that you have enough.
Also, keep in mind that natural gas is not cheap, so try to find the place to weld with the least amount of natural gas.
For example, you may have to add it if it\'s a bit of a breeze.
But you can turn it around without the wind.
Set up your MIG welder for welding aluminum!
You\'ll get different opinions on how to weld alminum with a MIG welder, but basically you have two options: 1.
Use short cable, use ordinary electric welding gun. 2.
Buy a fake wire gun that works on your machine.
The cheaper route is to use a short cable.
But if you do, you should get the Teflon liner.
The reason you want a short cable and Teflon lining is because the aluminum is softer and it\'s easy to pile up (
Called Bird\'s Nest). So a short (and straight)
Cable and teflon padding help to avoid this kind of problem.
But not ideal.
The ideal solution is to purchase the MiG line shaft gun, because the line is given directly from the drive roller on the line shaft gun, making the process very simple.
Most fake wire guns are expensive, however, and usually you need an adapter to connect it to your machine.
The protection gas you may use is 100% ar.
You can use helium, but study the mixture first.
If you mix co2 with ar, you will ruin your weld because co2 will produce oxide on your aluminum.
I know it\'s tempting to try as you may have a 75/25 ar and CO 2 mix, but don\'t do that!
In addition, you will most likely use the DC reverse polarity (DCEP)
Welding aluminum.
Finally, you will need to match your aluminum wire to the aluminum you are welding.
This is the easy part.
One of the most common wires is the ER4043, which will weld 6061 and 6063 aluminum.
Before using any suggestions from your internet access, make sure you check your owner\'s manual or the manufacturer\'s advice on welding aluminum with their machine, including here.
You just want to make sure you do it all \"by Book.
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