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How to protect the laser cutting machine

by:VENTECH     2022-02-27

Laser cutting machine is a kind of cutting equipment that has been widely used recently. Generally, it can accurately cut materials and is loved by many manufacturers because of its high precision, environmental protection and low loss. Characteristics, so it is generally used to cut some materials that require high precision.

In order to prevent the laser from damaging human eyes when using the laser cutting machine, it is necessary to be equipped with a laser cutting machine protection device and wear protective glasses. When the laser cutting machine is working, we must not look directly at the laser in the working area.
Allow the human body to better maintain the human body under the conditions of laser cutting machine radiation. We also need to darken the daily laser cutting working environment and the walls to reduce radiation, because sometimes the sun will be dazzling.
Moreover, there must be a matching dust removal device in the working environment, try to operate in a stable air environment, and wear a mask as much as possible. Finally, do not touch the finished product immediately after the cutting work is completed to avoid burns.
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