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How to power up the laser cutting machine

by:VENTECH     2022-03-15
The power-on operation of the laser cutting machine can be a full power supply for each part at a time, and then a total power supply test. After the power is turned on, first observe whether there is an alarm fault, and then manually start each component one after another. According to the rough inspection of the machine tool, the main components of the machine tool are copyrighted by Industrial Automation Network, which is complete, so that all links of the machine tool can be operated and moved.
Then, adjust the bed level of the CNC cutting machine, then adjust the relative position of the reassembled main moving parts and the main machine, pour the main machine and the anchor bolts of each accessory with quick-drying cement, and wait until the cement is completely dry. When the CNC system and the machine tool are energized and tested, they work normally without any alarm, and be prepared to press the emergency stop button in order to cut off the power at any time.
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