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How to improve the quality of laser cutting, what are the common sense to pay attention to?

by:VENTECH     2022-03-11

With the rapid development of the industry, the improvement of the cutting quality of parts and components is particularly important. Of course, there are many factors that affect cutting, such as: cutting parameters, working gas type and quality, operator's technical ability and understanding of cutting machine equipment, etc. The following will start from optimized programming and process control, and talk about some common ones. Ways to improve cutting quality.

Correctly optimize the drawing and nesting programming

(1) The correct use of AutoCAD to draw part graphics is to ensure the cutting quality of parts The first step is good or bad, usually nesting and typesetting personnel strictly follow the part drawing to compile the part program. For some flange splicing and slender parts, reasonable and effective measures will be taken when programming: soft compensation, special technology (common edge, connecting Cut)... to ensure that the cut parts can pass the dimensional inspection smoothly.

(2) Since the central column (cone, column, web, cover) in the round pile are relatively large, so before cutting,

It is recommended to perform the necessary special processing during programming, micro-connection (increase breakpoints), that is, set some temporary non-cutting points (5mm) on the same side of the part cutting. The function of these points is to connect the steel plate during the cutting process to fix the parts to avoid displacement and shrinkage deformation. After the other areas are cut, these points are cut. This is also one of the methods to ensure that the dimensions of the cut parts are not deformed.

Strengthen the control of the process of cutting parts

Strengthening the control of the process of cutting parts is the key to improving the quality of cutting parts. After a lot of According to the data analysis, the factors that affect the cutting quality are as follows: the operator, the selection of the cutting nozzle, the adjustment of the distance between the cutting nozzle and the workpiece, and the adjustment of the cutting speed , And the perpendicularity between the surface of the steel plate and the cutting nozzle.

(1) When operating a CNC cutting machine to cut parts, the operator is usually required to cut the parts according to the material cutting process, and

Have self-inspection awareness, able to distinguish whether the first part of the cut is qualified. If there is any unqualified situation, it must be corrected and repaired in time and submitted to quality inspection. After the inspection is completed, the first qualified ticket will be signed. Only the parts can be mass-produced.

(2) What type of cutting nozzle to use, and the distance between the cutting nozzle and the workpiece, should be based on the cutting thickness to reasonably select the standard cutting nozzle model

. Usually the size of the cutting nozzle is proportional to the cutting thickness. The larger the cutting nozzle, the thicker the cutting thickness. The distance between the cutting nozzle and the steel plate will be affected: too far, the heating area is likely to be too large, and the parts will be deformed; too close, the cutting nozzle will be blocked, resulting in waste of damaged parts, reducing the cutting speed, and reducing the production efficiency.

(3) The thickness of the workpiece and the type of cutting nozzle will directly affect the adjustment of the cutting speed, and generally decrease with the increase of the cutting thickness.

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Slow; the speed of the cutting speed also affects the quality of the part's cutting mouth; the correct cutting speed will make a regular popping sound when the slag is flowing, and the slag outlet and the cutting nozzle are in the same line; Reasonable cutting speed will greatly improve cutting efficiency.

(4) The correct cutting angle is: the cutting nozzle is 90° perpendicular to the surface of the cut steel plate, and it is not perpendicular to cause the part section to tilt.

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The upper and lower dimensions of the affected parts are not uniform, and the accuracy cannot be guaranteed, which may cause quality accidents; before using the cutting nozzle to cut, be sure to check its permeability, if blocked, the airflow will tilt and cause the cutting nozzle It is not perpendicular to the surface of the steel plate, resulting in cutting size errors.

Note: Before cutting, be sure to adjust the cutting gun and cutting nozzle to ensure that they are perpendicular to the surface of the platform steel plate.

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