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How to control the operating cost of laser cutting machine

by:VENTECH     2022-03-04

In many cases, if the application cost of the laser cutting machine is not controlled, a large cost will be incurred. Therefore, this is also an important reason why users want to have several methods to control their cost. Let's take a look at how to control the operating cost of the laser cutting machine.

Nearly 80% of the application cost of laser cutting machine comes from the consumption of gas. As the main source of energy for laser cutting machines, CNC laser cutting machines and manual gas cutting equipment, being familiar with and understanding the gas application principles of laser cutting machines can help reduce gas application costs. In this regard, the Ministry of Science and Technology has summarized the following relevant common sense and experience through many debugging experiences of CNC laser cutting machine equipment:

First of all, we should be able to skillfully adjust the flame. The first problem is to ensure that the billet is cut normally. If the automatic cutting cannot be achieved smoothly, the manual cutting gun must be used to cut again. This leads to luxury. At the same time, manual cutting cannot guarantee good cutting quality.

By solving some abnormal phenomena and cutting effects of CNC laser cutting machines, such as 'normal open flamesAir leak everywhere to avoid diffusion. Active promotion and testing of new technologies and new products is mainly reflected in the appearance of new cutting nozzle products. The 'flame' is more perfect, the cutting effect is improved, the cutting seam is small, and the air consumption is small.

With the growth of steel consumption in related industries, flame cutting has become an important link in the production and processing of more and more companies. For flame cutting, in addition to ensuring the necessary cutting accuracy, how to effectively reduce production costs and control gas consumption has become a concern for most companies.

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