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How to choose fiber laser cutting machine

by:VENTECH     2021-12-21

After recent years of development, fiber laser cutting machines have gradually become popular in various manufacturing industries. More and more companies choose fiber laser cutting machines to replace traditional processing modes. In fact, many people still don’t know much about fiber laser cutting machines. Maybe a friend’s company is using fiber laser cutting machines, or a peer company has switched to fiber laser cutting machines for production, so they want to buy a similar one, but for fiber There are many types of laser cutting machines, and I don't know how to choose. Hongte has compiled the following content for you to help you choose a fiber laser cutting machine.

Buy a domestic fiber laser cutting machine or an imported one?

There is still a difference between domestic and imported fiber laser cutting machines. Although the market demand for domestic fiber laser cutting machines has been increasing, the domestic market demand has been rising. Due to my country’s local fiber laser cutting The machine started late, and is still being further improved in terms of performance, accuracy and stability. However, in terms of core parts, the gap between my country and imported fiber laser cutting machines has been narrowed. It can be seen from the price of domestic fiber laser cutting machines. Moreover, the procurement difference between domestic and foreign fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers is also approaching, with the same quality. The cost of hardware is almost flat. The most important thing for companies to purchase fiber laser cutting machines in this regard is to see what kind of problems are solved. my country contains an extremely large industrial group, which has different needs for all walks of life. If the purchasing company produces products that adapt to the local area If it is, it may be better to choose a local fiber laser cutting machine, and the price is more advantageous; if it is some products for export, it may be more suitable to choose an imported fiber laser cutting machine.

What parameters of fiber laser cutting machine should be paid attention to

1. Power of fiber laser cutting machine. At present, 2000W and below are generally called low power fiber laser cutting machines, 2000W-6000W, called medium power fiber laser cutting machines, and 8000W and above are called high power fiber laser cutting machines. Power means cutting ability. The greater the power, the stronger the cutting ability, the thicker the processed plate, and the faster the cutting speed.

2. Fiber laser cutting machine format. This is easier to understand. The format is the meaning of the work surface. The larger the format, the larger the working area of u200bu200bthe laser head.

3. Repeatability of fiber laser cutting machine. Repeatability means the ability of a fiber laser cutting machine to complete routine tasks to reach the same position. Fiber laser cutting machines for different purposes have different requirements for accuracy. For example, if the process is rough, you don’t need a very precise fiber laser cutting machine. The more precise PCB board requires a fiber laser cutting machine with higher repeatability.

4. Speed u200bu200bof fiber laser cutting machine. This parameter intuitively affects production efficiency. Some fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers will mark the maximum acceleration of the fiber laser cutting machine. The actual working speed of the fiber laser cutting machine is between 0 and the maximum acceleration.

5. The weight of the fiber laser cutting machine body. This is mainly for calculating and installing some data. For example, the fiber laser cutting machine body needs to be installed on a customized machine or sliding rail, and the corresponding support should be designed according to the weight of the fiber laser cutting machine body.

By sorting out the above parameters, you can get a prototype of a fiber laser cutting machine suitable for your own production.

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