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How to choose carbon steel cutting? Of course it is a metal laser cutting machine!

by:VENTECH     2021-12-30

As a high-quality alloy steel, carbon steel has been widely used in daily life and industrial fields with its excellent texture.

In the traditional carbon steel processing process, due to the lack of equipment, the processed carbon steel has scars, cracks, delamination, white spots, impurities, and looseness. Therefore, a metal laser cutting machine that adapts to the current situation has become an ideal choice for carbon steel processing.

Because carbon steel contains carbon, it does not reflect light strongly and absorbs the beam very well. Carbon steel is more suitable for cutting with a laser cutting machine, and the processing effect is also very good. The surface is flat, smooth, beautiful, easy to use, safe, and cost-saving.

When the metal laser cutting machine cuts carbon steel, the laser emitted by the laser irradiates the surface layer of the carbon steel. It reacts with the silicon, manganese, sulfur, phosphorus and other elements contained in the carbon steel, oxidizes, melts and vaporizes, and then penetrates the carbon steel, and then the laser displacement is controlled by digital control to achieve the purpose of cutting.

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