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How to choose a laser cutting machine [the correct guide]

by:VENTECH     2021-12-11

For customers who do not understand the situation, it is very difficult to choose a laser cutting machine. Many customers regret buying equipment because they don’t know what’s important, they don’t know what materials to use, they don’t know how to insure, and they don’t know what brand to choose. It’s just that people just bought it like this.

When we choose equipment, it is very important to know where a core component is. Generally speaking, the core components of laser equipment come from lasers, which are also prone to problems, which have a greater impact on the equipment and play a very important role in the performance of the equipment. The cutting speed comes from laser energy. How should I choose? If you are cutting in non-metallic areas, see what material you want to process. If it is fabric leather, choose reinforced concrete. The tube bundle is slender, has a long service life, and has a good cutting effect. If you want to process acrylic, sheet or other sheets, choose WG. The residence uses high-power tubes with strong cutting effect and long service life. In the field of metal cutting, IPG lasers are reliable and stable in quality.

The other aspect is power. In terms of non-metal cutting, many people still choose steppers. There is not much difference. Of course, if you choose a servo, the performance will be better, but due to price factors, many customers use stepper motors. It is also possible to use this engine, and there is no problem in terms of performance. Another aspect is the field of metal cutting. Servo motors are usually used for metals. Its strength is strong and stable, Yaskawa, Siemens, etc. are all very good. Domestic cars may be a bit bad.

Next is the choice of rack and pinion. Small non-metallic laser cutting machines mostly use belt cutting. Therefore, they are generally the same in the field of metal cutting. The higher the requirements for racks and pinions, the The greater the effect of speed, the greater the power of the rack and pinion, the faster the processing speed, and the higher the wear resistance requirements of the rack and pinion. The greater the power, the faster the processing speed, and the higher the wear resistance requirements of the rack and pinion. Generally speaking, the quality of using German manufacturers is better.

There are many other arrangements regarding laser equipment. Of course, every manufacturer has different arrangements. Customers can find them in the comparison system. For other minor issues, some comparisons must be made when choosing a machine.

The other is in terms of cutting effect and accuracy. Customers can take some materials to the prototype manufacturer of the laser cutting machine. The effect and size can be seen and compared with the eyes; the size can be measured. Let us see which house is better. You can also inquire about the after-sales service from the side to see the after-sales service of the manufacturer you want to choose.

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