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How to choose a laser cutting machine? Please refer to these five aspects

by:VENTECH     2022-03-12

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The laser cutting machine industry has developed to this day, and the market has matured. Especially with the development of the Internet, product prices are very transparent, but there are still many small workshops in the market that use price wars as a means of competition. Users often fall into its trap because of low prices and suffer miserable losses. Therefore, it is very important to choose a reliable laser cutting machine equipment manufacturer. So, which manufacturer of laser cutting machine is good? Today I will tell you about the 5 criteria for choosing a manufacturer.

1. To choose a manufacturer, qualification is very important.

In the choice of manufacturers, users must have their own standards. The manufacturer's license review is particularly important. For example: business license, you can look at the scope of business on the license to see if it is related to the equipment sold, if the project you are engaged in has nothing to do with this, you can directly reject it. If the license is incomplete and the company cannot get a license, it is even more unnecessary to consider it.

2. Choosing a manufacturer, strength and scale are very important

After the license and operating qualifications of the laser cutting machine manufacturer are confirmed, the scale and product series of the manufacturer should also be paid attention to. Can't just pay attention to price. The scale of the manufacturer is large, such as: know whether it has its own Ru0026D department, equipment production base, marketing team, after-sales team, service points covering the whole country, etc., with strong financial strength, more investment in product research and development, and a relatively complete product series , There are more types of equipment, so users have more choices. If you have a chance to try it out, try it out first, confirm the efficacy, and then buy it.

In addition, a powerful laser cutting machine equipment manufacturer has strong anti-risk capabilities and a relatively long-term development plan. It will not pay attention to immediate benefits and will not have the 'low price trap' of some small workshop-style enterprises. 'One hammer sale' and other routines.

3. To choose a manufacturer, equipment performance and quality are the key.

When selecting laser cutting machine equipment, we must also examine equipment performance, stability, failure rate, etc. When selecting manufacturers, it must be clear that the cost of machine Ru0026D and manufacturing determines the price of equipment. It is well understood that the equipment Ru0026D cost is high, the manufacturing technology is fine, the process performance is good, energy saving and consumption reduction, which can effectively ensure that the preparation of ultrapure water and pure water can meet the needs of users, while also reducing the cost of consumables. The price of equipment is naturally lower than that of simple Type equipment is high. Users should not blindly use price as an important indicator when selecting equipment. Basic capital investment should be rationally selected for laser cutting equipment that suits their needs.

4. Choose manufacturers, improve the service system, and keep up with the after-sales service

After-sales service is also the main point of user attention. Does the laser cutting machine manufacturer provide follow-up services? Whether it is product skill training, consumable replacement, post-maintenance, etc., whether users can get the guidance of after-sales engineers in time, these are very important. A powerful laser cutting machine manufacturer, with many years of equipment manufacturing experience, has established a professional, complete and thoughtful pre-sale, sales, and after-sales service system to make every user feel at ease. It is recommended that users choose manufacturers with many service outlets across the country, especially those with local service outlets. If there is a problem with the equipment, the manufacturer can provide services in time, technical training, and replacement of consumables. It is more convenient and quick.

5. To choose a manufacturer, word of mouth and reputation are very important

'If a person has no trust, he will not stand.' If the manufacturer has a poor reputation and has no reputation, the interests of the user cannot be guaranteed. In the Internet age, users can check the reputation and reputation of manufacturers online. At the same time, you can also learn about some of the units that cooperate with them. Look at the market share of manufacturers' products. Everyone is cooperating with this manufacturer, and the manufacturer with a good reputation will feel more at ease when choosing products.

Laser cutting machines are undoubtedly the 'standard equipment' for metal processing. As the basic equipment for metal processing, more and more industrial manufacturers cannot do without it. Nowadays, there are many styles of laser cutting machines on the market, and different people have different purchasing standards, and merchants also like to sell themselves and boast. When choosing a laser cutting machine manufacturer, users should refer to the above five standards, not to be affected by low prices, sales incitement, and to choose rationally. At the same time, it is recommended that users establish a long-term cooperative relationship with the manufacturer after selecting the laser cutting machine equipment manufacturer. This can save the purchase cost, improve production efficiency, and reduce the price, so that they can obtain high-quality and low-cost equipment. .

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