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How to choose a laser cutting machine correctly

by:VENTECH     2022-01-17

 In today's society, it is not strange to use laser cutting machines to process products. With this new type of technology, laser cutting machines occupy half of the apparel industry, and are also indispensable processing tools for industries such as luggage, shoes, crafts and gifts. When buying a laser cutting machine, how do I choose this kind of equipment?

  一. Choose a manufacturer

  Domestic laser There are so many manufacturers. How to choose the one that satisfies you the most? There will be some difficulties. Look at the establishment time of the manufacturer and check word-of-mouth. There are many ways to choose from the investigation of word-of-mouth.

  Second, product quality

   The quality of laser cutting machine products is difficult for laymen to dialectically. After two or three years, everyone will be able to understand. How to distinguish? In addition to the invisible Ru0026D technology, equipment configuration is very important, which can refer to the core accessories of equipment such as lasers and motors. Why some machines are so low in price that they can’t be moved after a few days? The problem arises in the accessories.

  3. Service quality

   such as enterprise products can Well done, the pre-sales and after-sales services need to be done well to ensure that after buying the equipment, it can help you solve your doubts in time and operate the equipment well. Even after purchasing the product, providing users with a free training is an indispensable condition.

   If you want to use a laser cutting machine, you need to understand the quotation of the cutting machine. If you understand the quotation of this cutting machine, you can use it after the quotation The correct selection method to choose a laser cutting machine. In order to meet the demand for cutting machines, this is the selection requirement of laser cutting machines.

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