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How thick can the 8000w fiber laser cutting machine cut

by:VENTECH     2022-03-08

Fiber laser cutting machines are becoming more and more new darlings in many industries, but most people do not understand the specific parameters of laser cutting machines, especially those who used traditional processing equipment before and now want to switch to laser cutting machines. People are even more confused! What kind of material, how much power, and how thick can it be cut? What is the cutting cost that users care about? Next, Hongte Laser briefly introduces the parameters of the 8000W power fiber laser cutting machine.

With the continuous development of laser technology, the cutting thickness of laser cutting machines is constantly breaking through. The target of 8000W fiber laser cutting machine includes stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum plate, copper and other metal materials. For different metal materials, how thick can the 8000W laser cutting machine cut?

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. The higher the configuration, the higher the price of the machine. Wuhan Hongte Laser has professional Ru0026D personnel and a complete after-sales team, dedicated to providing customers with a complete set of laser processing Solutions and services. Each laser cutting machine of Hongte Laser has corresponding pictures, parameters, models, schemes, etc., from which you can choose the laser cutting machine that suits you. Laser cutting is an excellent and high-efficiency cutting method among various cutting technologies mastered by people today. The advantages of the Hongte 8000W laser cutting machine are: high cutting precision, fast cutting speed, automatic cutting and other advantages.

Cutting thickness of different materials for 8000W laser cutting machine: stainless steel thickness ≤30mm, carbon steel thickness ≤25mm, aluminum thickness ≤25mm.

Processing sheet
Carbon steel 25mm25mm25mm35mm45mm stainless steel 16mm25mm30mm45mm50mm aluminum plate 14mm20mm30mm45mm50mm copper 8mm10mm14mm18mm25mm brass 10mm14mm16mm20mm30mm

In the actual application process, the cutting ability of the fiber laser cutting machine is also related to the cutting environment, cutting speed and other factors. The use of auxiliary gas can also improve a certain cutting ability, so there is no absolute standard Determine the cutting thickness.

The above briefly stated the thickness that the 8000w laser cutting machine can cut. Hongte Laser focuses on the manufacture of laser cutting machines. It is a strong manufacturer of laser cutting machines. If you need a more detailed understanding, Welcome to contact us and look forward to your call.

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