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How much is the price of fiber laser cutting machine _ manufacturers to quote

by:VENTECH     2022-03-08

Price-sensitive customers are often obsessed with figuring out the composition of the price of fiber laser cutting machines, how much is the laser generator, how much is the laser head, how much is the machine tool, what brand they are using, and so on. After several rounds of quotations, he has become an industry expert in fiber laser cutting machines. The price of fiber laser cutting machine is related to the brand, core component laser, laser power, motor, laser head and other configurations. The configuration is not only an important reason for determining the price, but also directly determines the service life of the machine. Some fiber laser cutting machines are fully protected, which can reduce laser radiation, and some have an exchange platform to save loading and unloading time, while the plate and tube integrated machine is suitable for customers who need to cut both materials of sheet and tube. The function of the fiber laser cutting machine The more the price, the higher the price. The larger the size of the fiber laser cutting machine of the same series and the same power, the higher the price of the fiber cutting machine, but the larger the format is not necessarily good. Some low-quality machines with poor quality have unstable average laser output at each point of the large format. , Resulting in unstable cutting quality. Different after-sales service will also affect the price of fiber laser cutting machine. During the use of the machine, some minor problems may occur more or less due to improper use or long time. Good after-sales service will make customers purchase the machine. Worry-free.

It won’t take long to figure out these problems, one day is enough. Knowing the factors that make up the price of fiber laser cutting machine is helpful to avoid pitting when buying fiber laser cutting machine. Therefore, when buying a fiber laser cutting machine, you must understand these factors.

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