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How much is a laser cutting machine? These 4 suggestions must-see when shopping

by:VENTECH     2022-02-28

I have to say that the development momentum of laser cutting machines in recent years is indeed rapid. As the 'darling' of metal processing in the new era, laser cutting machines can be said to be the product of modern science and technology. It replaces the traditional mechanical knife with a 'beam

1. Does the manufacturer of the laser cutting machine have its own production strength? This can generally be seen by investigating the quality and quantity of laser cutting machines from this manufacturer. Among them, in terms of laser cutting machines, companies with an annual output of more than 100 high-power laser cutting machines for cutting thick sheet metal materials should be selected. Because many small companies only sell a few units a year, they may stop production and close at any time, which has a lot of impact on after-sales.

2. The price of laser cutting machine does not meet the market price. Now, the price of laser cutting machine that is very common on the market is generally within a certain range. If it is outside the price, it must be higher. Go and talk to the merchant. If it is below this price, it may be inferior or second-hand or refurbished, and it may be a counterfeit laser cutting machine. In particular, if you can buy a high-power machine for hundreds of thousands, it is poisonous. Apple’s temptation, don’t fall into it.

3. Can the relevant customer service respond positively? If a manufacturer tells you that there is an office in your after-sales service location, as a customer, you can You must go to the site for inspection, otherwise, if there is no local office or after-sales department, then if there is a problem in the future, you will not be able to repair it in time. You can only wait for 2-3 days to repair the equipment. This has to be done to your company. How much loss.

4. Are the salespersons boasting that they are hurting their peers? If a customer meets a salesperson of a laser cutting machine manufacturer, in the process of communication, they always reveal their peers in their words Weaknesses and shortcomings, and always promote the advantages and character of his machine, then the salesman must be careful. Maybe he is hiding the biggest problem of his machine in it.

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