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How much electricity does a large laser cutting machine need in one hour?

by:VENTECH     2021-12-18

Laser cutting is a common processing technology in the mechanical processing industry. The emergence of laser cutting has greatly improved the cutting speed and cutting integrity. As a laser cutting machine, it belongs to large mechanical equipment. How much power does this equipment consume?

1. Laser generator (according to the power of the generator, generally 2000W generator should be about 30KVA. 4000W generator about 50KVA, the greater the power, the greater the power consumption)

2. The power consumption of mechanical components (including servo system, NC, electrical components (depending on the size of the motor designed by the cutting manufacturer) generally requires more than 10KVA.

3. Water cooler (used to cool the optical path and Generator, according to the power of the generator, the water cooling capacity should also be matched. Generally more than 20KVA)

4. Air compressor (The power of the air compressor varies with the manufacturer, at least 5KVA or above)< /p>

5. Some manufacturers also use equipment.

For example, to summarize, the maximum power consumption of 2000W laser cutting in one hour is 65kva, which is about 50 degrees.

Of course, the laser cutting machine cannot always run at full power. Generally speaking, it needs 30-40 degrees to make a 70% discount.

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