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How much does the laser tube cutting machine cost? The quotation depends on the configuration!

by:VENTECH     2022-02-25

Many customers ask the question 'how much is the price of the laser pipe cutting machine' when they are consulting to buy a laser pipe cutting machine for cutting pipes. Many laser cutting machine sales cannot give a very specific response. Why? What? Now, Hongte Laser will give you a detailed analysis on the price of laser pipe cutting machine.

  Buying equipment is just like buying a car. First of all, we must consider the functionality. It is used to pull goods. It is still used for home use as a means of transportation. When buying a laser cutting machine, you must first consider the processing requirements, whether it is used to cut sheets or pipes. If it is simple pipe processing, and in the case of sheet cutting, you can choose a tube-sheet dual-purpose laser cutting machine, if it is a complex pipe For processing and high-demand processing, you can choose a dedicated laser pipe cutting machine.

  Laser pipe cutting machine, as the name suggests, is a professional cutting pipe. The pipes are divided into square pipes, round pipes and elliptical pipes. All of them can be cut. The second thing is to consider the wall thickness and length of the pipe. Determines the length and power of the laser tube cutting machine. The thicker the wall thickness of the tube, the greater the laser power required, and the higher the price. The longer the length of the machine tool, the higher the cost and the higher the price.

   In addition, the laser pipe cutting machine is equipped with manual chuck and startup chuck. The functionality of the chuck is different, and the price will also be very different.

  The brand of laser pipe cutting machine also has an impact on the price. At present, there are many domestic laser pipe cutting machine brands, especially in the pipe cutting machine. The performance will also be very different. If there are many differences in prices between the two laser pipe cutting machine manufacturers, it is recommended to conduct more on-site inspections to compare the cutting effect and operating efficiency of the equipment.

   Regarding the price of the laser pipe cutting machine, you can't just look at the cheapness, but don't look at the manufacturer's quality, after-sales and technical capabilities. I hope that when customers buy equipment, they can buy the laser pipe cutting machine that suits them.

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