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How does a metal laser cutting machine identify cutting quality problems?

by:VENTECH     2022-02-23

As an efficient sheet metal processing tool, metal laser cutting machines have been widely used in all walks of life. When buying a metal laser cutting machine, many people do not know how to judge the processing quality of the metal laser cutting machine. They are often blind and sometimes ignore the more important quality standards.

Usually we judge the cutting quality and the reliability of the whole product through the following points:


Metal laser cutting machine is a high-quality and efficient processing tool. When the laser beam acts on the metal sheet, it will form vertical lines. The deeper the lines, the rougher the surface of the section. When the power of the cutting machine matches the thickness of the sheet, the section cut by the metal laser cutting machine is smooth, without streaks, and without brittle fracture. Roughness affects not only the appearance of the edges, but also the friction characteristics. In most cases, the lower the roughness, the higher the cut quality.


For high-power metal laser cutting, when the thickness of the processed material exceeds 10mm, the verticality of the cutting edge is very important. When away from the focus, the laser beam becomes divergent, and the cut becomes wider toward the top or bottom depending on the position of the focus. The cutting edge deviates from the vertical line by a few hundredths of a millimeter. The more vertical the edge, the higher the cutting quality.

Cutting width

Generally, the cutting width does not affect the cutting quality, but when a particularly precise contour is formed inside the part, the cutting width determines the inner diameter of the contour. When the thickness of the sheet increases, the cutting width also increases. Therefore, in order to ensure the same high accuracy, no matter how large the width of the incision is, the processing area of u200bu200bthe workpiece in the laser cutting machine should be constant.


In the metal laser cutting machine processing process, the high energy generated by the laser beam irradiating the surface of the workpiece quickly vaporizes and evaporates the surface of the workpiece, and the slag on the surface of the workpiece is blown off by the auxiliary gas. If the auxiliary gas is not used, after the molten slag cools, it will form burrs attached to the cutting surface. Because the removal of burrs requires extra work, the quality of cutting can be intuitively judged by observing the number of burrs.

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