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Hongte Laser MARVEL6000 Laser Cutting Machine, a sharp tool for sheet metal processing in the advertising industry

by:VENTECH     2022-01-31

Advertising is widely known. As a huge and potential consumer industry, the processing of thin metal in the advertising industry has always been the focus of attention. When people are happy that traditional mechanical cutting equipment can cut out various advertising characters, they are inevitably troubled by its shortcomings. Including the traditional processing accuracy is not high, tool wear, material waste and other problems, which make the improvement of technology and equipment imminent.

Under this situation, a new type of technical equipment-metal laser cutting machine, introduced from abroad to China, from downstream industries to upstream industries, innovated the 'new way' of thin metal processing in the advertising industry.

As the cost of laser cutting machines continues to decrease, the demand for laser cutting machines in the advertising industry is increasing at an annual rate of over 20%. According to statistics, the current penetration rate of laser processing equipment in the industry is still less than 5%. With the development of the industry, the replacement demand for upgrading original tool processing equipment to laser cutting machines will accelerate, and the advertising industry will produce in the future The market demand for more than 50,000 laser cutting machines reached 1.1 billion yuan, which is about 28 times the current market size.

In response to the metal processing needs of the advertising processing industry, Hongte Laser launched MARVEL6000 series CNC fiber laser cutting machine, using its own core light source, ending the domestic laser cutting machine market relying on imported technology for pure assembly.

The advantages of MARVEL6000 CNC fiber laser cutting machine

●High degree of automation: When processing the workpiece, you only need to import the picture into the software to cut out the desired pattern and save the cost of raw materials

●Fast speed: 1mm plate can cut 600 round holes with a diameter of 2mm per minute

● Independent manufacturing of core light sources: using lasers, with extremely strong cutting ability and efficiency, quality, outstanding, and purchasing costs reduced by 15%-20%.

●Farley CNC system: long-standing market test, stable operation, simple and reliable.

● A whole new generation of machine tools: high-efficiency dynamic machining, ultra-fast perforation and anti-collision.

●Gantry dual-drive structure: Both X and Y single-axis positioning speeds can reach more than 100m/min, and the dual-drive acceleration makes the maximum acceleration of X and Y single-axis reach 2G.

●Flexible expansion of high power: add modules to expand to 8000W, 10000W.

●Handheld unit: convenient and fast.

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