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High-power laser cutting machine is a new trend of laser cutting equipment

by:VENTECH     2021-12-19

In recent years, laser cutting has become an ideal solution for the sheet metal cutting industry due to its high efficiency, high energy consumption, non-contact processing and flexibility, precision, speed and efficiency. As a precision processing method, laser cutting can handle almost all materials, including two-dimensional or three-dimensional cutting of thin metal plates. In the field of metal plate cutting, efficient cutting can be carried out from the micron level of ultra-thin plates to thick plates of tens of millimeters. It can be said that laser cutting has set off an important technological revolution in the sheet metal processing industry.

Looking at the whole process of the metal laser cutting machine, it is not difficult to find that the metal laser cutting machine of several hundred watts has rapidly developed to more than tens of thousands of watts. Then, the question came, how did this trend emerge?

In fact, the answer is simple. This is market demand. In the past, the power of the metal laser cutting machine was not large, it was difficult to cut thick metal, and the material effect was not ideal. Under this circumstance, all manufacturers can do is to continuously develop and upgrade, and finally launch tens of thousands of watts of products to meet market demand. So, what is the difficulty of cutting thick metal materials with low-power machines?

1. When the metal laser cutting machine cuts low-power metal thick plates, due to the small diameter of the laser beam, the cutting seams are thin and the cutting slag is not smooth. When cutting metal thick plates with different powers, the laser beam of the metal laser cutting equipment is required to have better performance:

2. Metal laser cutting machine processing, although the laser processing mode is adopted, it is also a heat treatment mode. When the thickness of the metal material is too high, during the processing of the metal laser cutting equipment, the cutting seam is too small, resulting in increased heat loss. The greater the heat loss, it is not conducive to the equipment processing metal materials, and the cutting speed is significantly slower.

In terms of thick plate cutting, low-power metal laser cutting machines are difficult to achieve satisfactory results. To solve many problems of thick plate cutting, we must first further increase the power, otherwise everything is just empty talk. Metal laser cutting equipment will inevitably not develop in the direction of high power.

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