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Great, the laser cutting machine enters the new high school curriculum standard

by:VENTECH     2022-02-18

Recently, the Ministry of Education issued the 'General High School Curriculum Program and Chinese and Other Subject Curriculum Standards (2017 Edition)'. In the two major documents '17-1834 General High School General Technical Curriculum Standards' and '17-1847 General High School Information Technology Curriculum Standards

The new curriculum standard pays more attention to the development of students' creativity and technological inventions. You can choose technological inventions that are closely related to life, encourage children to actively make experiences, and learn to use 3D printers, laser cutting machines, electric soldering irons and other makers tool.

After years of development, laser cutting machines have been widely used in industrial production, turning from high-end craftsmanship to standard equipment in many industries.

1. Sheet metal processing

The advantages of high-efficiency and high-quality laser cutting machines are fully utilized in sheet metal processing, which makes sheet metal processing get rid of the original high-cost, multi-manpower, and low-efficiency processing methods.

2. Automobile industry

Whether it is the body-in-white or auto parts in automobile manufacturing, laser cutting is indispensable. The laser cutting machine is formed at one time, and the processing effect is higher, which fully meets the assembly line production needs of the automobile industry.

3. Advertising industry

The advertising industry has a fast update speed, high customization rate, and low efficiency of traditional processing techniques. Laser cutting machines have gradually become the mainstream in the advertising industry. No matter what kind of characters, they can be cut out quickly.

In addition, laser cutting machines are widely used in rail transit, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, cabinets, fitness equipment and other industries. Huagong Laser has accumulated many years of technology in the field of laser cutting machine production and Ru0026D. It has launched a variety of market-recognized flat laser cutting equipment. In the future, as the popularity of laser cutting machines increases, Huagong Laser will continue to bring more efficiency to the market. Stable and cost-effective laser cutting products.

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