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FPC/PI cover film laser cutting process analysis

by:VENTECH     2022-02-20

The cover film is an electronic material that plays a role in circuit protection and solder mask. It is widely used in the 3C industry and is often used in FPC materials. In the application process of the cover film, the most important thing is the cover film Nowadays, with the development of precision and integration in the 3C industry, many manufacturers have improved the cutting process and chose to use the laser process to cut in the face of more and more refined process requirements. Today, the editor mainly analyzes the cover film laser cutting machine.

The cover film laser cutting machine is also called the ultraviolet picosecond laser cutting machine. It uses ultra-short pulse ultraviolet picosecond laser, and the heat-affected area is extremely Small, can realize the efficient cutting of the cover film, and the cutting accuracy is high. It can quickly realize the cutting and drilling of materials. Compared with the traditional cutting method, it not only simplifies the cutting process, saves the cost of mold opening, but also greatly improves the accuracy. It reduces the defective rate of the product, and is especially suitable for cutting PI covering film and other films, with an accuracy of up to 1 micron, and is called the 'fastest knife'.

Recommended model: UV picosecond laser cutting machine

Model features:

1 . Ultraviolet picosecond laser, delicate light source, widely used in high-end electronics industry

2. Wide application, metal and non-metal materials can achieve cutting marking hollow

3. CCD configuration Positioning function can automatically position and cut, greatly improving cutting accuracy

4. Marble platform X/Y system, using linear motor drive system to ensure the accuracy and stability of the platform's high-speed operation

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