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FPC heating film flexible heating film cutting equipment-electric heating film laser cutting machine

by:VENTECH     2022-02-21

Fpc electric heating film is a kind of flexible heater, which is a kind of heating film. It is often used in auto parts, beauty equipment, medical equipment, aviation products, electronic products, etc. Wide range of applications. Its functions are diverse, mainly for heating, heat preservation, dehumidification, moisture-proof and other applications. The heating film is mainly made of conductive special ink, metal current-carrying strips, processed and hot pressed between insulating polyester films. In practical applications, it is often necessary to cut them according to specific requirements. Due to the metal current-carrying strip attached to the surface, any damage during cutting will greatly affect the product performance. Therefore, the FPC heating film has higher requirements for the cutting process. The traditional cutting process not only greatly discounts the accuracy and effect, but also has low cutting efficiency. Therefore, many electrothermal film processing manufacturers have introduced laser technology. The editor today will explain to you the laser processing technology of fpc electrothermal film in detail.

Zite Laser has developed a model specially for the cutting and production of FPC electric heating film flexible heating sheet, which can intelligently identify and locate the cutting position, and the positioning is accurate , Cutting is accurate, can perfectly avoid the surface metal current-carrying strips, greatly reduce the rate of defective cutting of electrothermal film, the cutting edge effect is smooth, no burrs, high efficiency, no manual alignment is required, and labor costs are reduced. Compared with the traditional cutting process, FPC electric heating The film laser cutting machine is a high-precision laser cutting machine with high efficiency and energy saving, high quality and low cost. It is the preferred model for heating film cutting.

Recommended model: FPC flexible film laser cutting machine

Type features:

1. The model is equipped with a 600*500 cutting format, which can meet most of the cutting requirements of heating film, and also supports customized models.

2. The model is equipped with CCD visual recognition and positioning function, which can automatically position and cut by the machine. The accuracy is greatly due to manual typesetting.

3. The model is equipped with imported laser, screw drive, cutting The accuracy is greatly upgraded, up to 0.02mm

4. The machine has a wide range of applications and can be used for cutting various PFC polyester fiber membranes, PI membranes, conductive films, etc.

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