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Flag printing and bunting cutting equipment—flag laser cutting machine

by:VENTECH     2022-02-17

The National Day of another year is coming soon, and the five-star red flag will fly in the corners of the city. On major festivals, various flags such as knife flags, colorful flags, water drop flags, feather flags, etc., are always necessary Indispensable, this is also when many flag manufacturers are busy, how to improve quality and increase output has become a concern for more and more manufacturers. The editor today mainly introduces the application of laser cutting technology in the production process of the flag.

Traditional cutting methods mainly include: manual cutting, knife cutting machinery, laser cutting, etc. The manual cutting has large limitations and low manual efficiency. In addition, the flag cutting accuracy is poor, the error rate is high, and it is gradually eliminated. Knife cutting and laser cutting have become the two mainstream cutting methods for flag cutting. The editor will analyze and compare their various advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages and disadvantages of laser cutting

1. Automatic seam without fraying, no pressing process, saving process

2. Automatic and precise alignment, high cutting accuracy

3. The edges are smooth and flat, and the effect is beautiful

4. High operational safety

1. It can only be cut in a single layer, which is inefficient compared to multi-layer cutting


2. There will be less smell and smoke when cutting (it can be solved by configuring fans, purifiers, etc.)

Knife cutting process

1. Multi-layer cutting at the same time, high efficiency

2. Environmental protection, no harmful substances are generated

1. The cutting accuracy is low

2. The defective rate is high

3. Easy to disperse Edge, need post-crimping process processing

Recommended model: digital printing laser cutting machine

Features of the model:

1. It is equipped with a large-vision camera function, which can recognize the flag pattern and cut along the edge

2. It is equipped with an automatic loading and unloading function, without manual loading and unloading, saving Labor cost, improve efficiency

3. Configure a large-size cutting range of 1.8*1 meters to support customization of larger sizes to meet the large-format cutting of the flag

4. Configure recognition software , Automatically generate the cutting path and complete the cutting. Avoid the waste of materials and time caused by users due to inaccurate positioning

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