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Filter laser cutting machine, filter cutting 'just needed' equipment

by:VENTECH     2022-02-15

Filters are used to select optical devices in the required radiation band. Today, with the rapid development of science and technology, applications are gradually becoming popular. In life, there are also light filters everywhere. For example, there are anti-reflection filters on myopia to correct vision, and high-reflection filters on car mirrors. Especially in recent years, the rapid development of the 3C electronics industry and the automotive industry has driven an increase in the demand for optical filters. The requirements for filters are getting higher and higher. The laser technology with small heat-affected area and low energy consumption is gradually introduced into the production and manufacturing of filters, gradually replacing traditional processing methods.

The filter laser cutting machine adopts a non-contact cutting method, without stress, ensuring that the surface is free from mechanical scratches and thermal effects The area is extremely small, and the precision can reach micrometer level, which is especially suitable for the refined processing of materials.

Recommended model: UV picosecond laser cutting machine

Filter Advantages of light sheet laser cutting:

1. Small heat-affected area, small thermal damage, and no chipping phenomenon

2. It is suitable for cutting all kinds of complex and special-shaped shapes, only need to be imported into a computer, there is Computer control equipment operation, simple operation

3. The cutting edge is smooth and flat without burrs, and the accuracy is high.

4. The equipment is suitable for a wide range of materials, such as K7, K9, B270 and other coatings, non-coated optical glass filters, sapphire substrate, silicon substrate, germanium substrate, borosilicate glass substrate, coated and non-coated windows Cutting of materials such as sheet/filter, ceramic sheet, metal substrate sheet, etc.

5. Various functions, integrating cutting, drilling, scribing, scribing, notching, material removal and other functions in one

p>Comparison of traditional physical mechanical cutting:

Laser cutting

Physical mechanical cutting


High processing precision, up to micron level

Large damage size and low accuracy


The edge is smooth and flat, without stress effect

It is prone to chipping, and the surface is prone to stress Damage, scratches, etc.


No other costs

Additional costs such as fixtures are required in the later stage

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