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Fierce competition in the metal laser cutting machine industry

by:VENTECH     2022-02-21

The metal laser cutting machine industry has been quietly developing for nearly 50 years. From the beginning of the public’s unfamiliarity and ignorance, to the current gradual replacement of traditional craftsmanship and the addition of new models, it has achieved a leap. development of. But another phenomenon is that domestic metal laser cutting machine companies have sprung up on the market, and the brands and models of laser cutting equipment on the market are also becoming diversified. In this way, customers will also shop around and make comparisons when making purchases. Mainly compare prices, quality, etc. The market demand has increased, but the supply has also increased. Therefore, the competition of metal laser cutting machines is gradually increasing. This also poses a problem for many companies. Enterprises have to survive in this fierce competition. So where does the fierce competition mainly come from?

1. The scope of application has become more and more extensive, and it has quietly occupied the market share of traditional crafts. However, traditional things are not completely gone. Existence is reasonable, and traditional processing techniques also have their unique advantages. At present, the favorable traditional competitor of metal laser cutting machine is CNC plasma cutting machine processing. The advantage of CNC plasma cutting machine processing is that it is suitable for processing some products with low precision requirements. However, metal laser cutting machines are used to process some large quantities of products. Work on the assembly line. Therefore, if the metal laser cutting machine wants to replace the traditional CNC plasma cutting machine, it must improve its own technology, make its own technology stronger, and adapt to various processing requirements.

2. There are more manufacturers, more brands, and more machine models. Customers have more choices. The competition will inevitably become greater, and if you want to stand out from these 'multipleSo upgrade technology and develop new machines. Improve cost performance. In order to attract customers. Improve competitiveness.

3. The impact of imported metal laser cutting machine equipment on the Chinese market. At present, many customers believe that foreigners’ equipment is good. In fact, it is not necessarily the current situation, because domestic equipment The core technology is also mostly imported foreign technology, so there is no big difference on the technical level, and the cost-effectiveness of domestic equipment is not a little bit higher than that of imported equipment. And the after-sales service is also timely. So when you choose, you must understand all aspects.

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