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Fiber laser cutting machine to create a variety of metals

by:VENTECH     2022-02-19

From the release of Transformers animation works in 1984, to the upsurge of Transformers through big movies. Among them, the car deformation element realizes people's yearning for science and technology on a certain level. Nowadays, when it comes to Transformers, people can definitely think of the mighty and shocking 'mechanic warriors' and countless exciting battle scenes in the movie.

With the popularity of Transformers, more and more fans dream of moving the Transformers in the movie to real life, and the workers of Zhengzhou Yituo used the waste warehouse to create the domineering 'God of War' '. Although the raw materials are simple, the results are so detailed that even the bending gestures of the fingers are lifelike.

The creativity of the workers 'rescued' the parts that were eliminated from the machinery, such as the power gear of the tractor as a 'jointWait, it can be said that these delicate parts give the soul of the real Transformers.

In the field of metal processing, more refined, more efficient, and smoother have become the pursuit of many processing manufacturers, and technological progress is inseparable behind this. Many metal material processing will require advanced laser equipment, laser cutting machine, so that metal material processing becomes arbitrary. What is changing is the metal parts, but the same is the laser cutting machine.

China's domestic laser cutting equipment is developing rapidly, laser cutting technology is synchronized with social development, and constantly updated and improved, so that the equipment processing effect is more precise, the processing materials are more, and the applicable fields are wider and improved. With all aspects of performance, the laser equipment industry has entered a period of rapid development.

The main advantage of fiber laser cutting machine is high efficiency, it can cut flat surface, it is three-dimensional and has neat and smooth edges, suitable for high-precision cutting processing such as metal plates, and is widely used in construction machinery manufacturing. . The cutting can be done at a high speed of 80m/min at the same time. Although it combines the advantages of cutting, the cost is still very low and the stability is good.

As a leader in the laser cutting industry, the MARVEL series laser cutting machine launched by Huagong Laser adopts a self-developed laser. The gantry dual-drive structure with stable structure and strong rigidity can reach ultra-high speeds, and the maximum acceleration can reach 2G , The use of a new generation of machine tools can efficiently and dynamically process, ultra-fast perforation and anti-collision. MARVEL series laser cutting machines are for customers who need to upgrade laser cutting equipment in processing stations, covering 100% of metal blanking needs, and have a wide range of applications. They can be used in sheet metal processing, construction machinery and other industries.

MARVEL series laser cutting machines make high-efficiency laser cutting possible, contributing to the flexible development of my country's laser industry, and also providing more choices for customers in different fields.

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