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Features of foamed polyurethane insulation board-2

Features of foamed polyurethane insulation board-2


Features of foamed polyurethane insulation board-2

Product Advantages:

4. Fireproof, high flame retardancy, high temperature resistance

All the characteristics of the foamed polyurethane insulation board are fire-retardant, flame-retardant and high-temperature resistant, reflecting the material's thermal insulation performance. Because polyurethane will add a flame retardant during the production process, it becomes a kind of flame-retardant material. Its softening point can reach 250 degrees Celsius or more, and it only decomposes at higher temperatures: in addition, polyurethane is burning Carbon deposits are formed on the surface of the foam. This layer of carbon deposits helps to isolate the foam underneath. Can effectively prevent the spread of flames. Moreover, polyurethane does not generate harmful gases at high temperatures. Therefore, foamed polyurethane insulation boards are used in buildings, which can effectively prevent fire accidents in buildings.

5. Due to the excellent thermal insulation performance of the polyurethane board, the thickness of the outer protective structure of the building can be reduced under the same thermal insulation requirements, thereby increasing the indoor use area.

6. Strong resistance to deformation, not easy to crack, stable and safe finish.

7. High comprehensive cost performance. Although the unit price of rigid polyurethane foam is higher than that of other traditional insulation materials, the increased cost will be offset by a substantial reduction in heating and cooling costs.

Product Usage

Rigid polyurethane insulation panels can be widely used in color steel sandwich panels, central air conditioners, building wall materials, cold storage, cold storage rooms, incubators, chemical tanks and other fields.

Product Features

● Many specifications and varieties, bulk density range: (40-60kg/m3); length range: (0.5m-4m); width range: (0.5m-1.2m); thickness range: (20mm-200mm).

● The cutting precision is high, the thickness error is ±0.5mm, so as to ensure the flatness of the finished product surface.

● The foam is fine and the cells are uniform.

● The bulk density is light, which can reduce the self-weight of finished products, which is 30-60% lower than traditional products.

● With high compressive strength, it can withstand the huge pressure in the process of manufacturing the finished product.

● Convenient quality inspection. Because the surrounding skin is removed during the cutting process, the quality of the board is clear at a glance, ensuring the heat preservation effect of the finished product. The thickness can be produced and processed according to user requirements.


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