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Environmental requirements for installing laser cutting machine

by:VENTECH     2022-01-16
Environmental requirements for installing laser cutting machine

In the actual use of laser cutting machines, the environment is also a very important factor. However, the environment is also a factor that is easily overlooked by customers. Here is an analysis of the environmental requirements for installing a laser cutting machine:

1. Environmental temperature and humidity requirements

The operation of the equipment should be kept in a dry, well-ventilated environment with an ambient temperature between +4℃ and +33℃. It is recommended that capable customers provide a constant temperature and humidity environment for the equipment. When the equipment is turned off, the ambient temperature of the installation site must not drop below +4°C. Note: Avoid thermal deformation caused by direct sunlight on one side or wind on one side (for example, blinds can be installed when installed in the window position to avoid these situations).

2. Outside air

In order not to affect the cutting quality, it must be ensured that there are no particles or substances that can absorb rays with a wavelength of 1.064um around the machine. For example, solvent-containing steam emitted during painting, or steam emitted from degreasing equipment.

3. Cooling of the control system

The cooling of the control system is completed by the internal air circulation enclosed in the control system casing, which can ensure that the electrical parts are not contaminated by dust and dirt to the greatest extent. A humid room is not suitable for the operation of the control system, which may cause corrosion of the contactor and relay contacts, which may easily lead to failure of the control system.

4. Vibration requirements

In order to maintain the best working quality, please ensure that there is no external force around the equipment. The external forces that affect the operation of the equipment include: forklifts, land transport vehicles, etc.; installation or disassembly of other machines directly beside the equipment; machines that cause vibration beside the equipment, such as punching machines, bending machines, and shearing machines.

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