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Electronic paper (FPL) laser cutting equipment

by:VENTECH     2022-02-07

Electronic paper, also known as digital paper, is an electronic display similar to paper, which is similar to thin film and has the characteristics of being thin, soft, and rewritable similar to paper. It is a product of technological advancement and is often used in mobile communication displays such as: PAD displays, mobile phone screens, etc. In the past two years, with the development and improvement of technology, electronic paper has gradually been used in various fields of life, such as: electronic paper screens on bus stop signs; electronic paper shelf labels; electronic paper conference table cards, electronic paper badge labels, etc. The application of electronic paper is becoming more and more popular.

So, in the production process of electronic paper, how is it cut? The editor will take you to find out. The cutting of electronic paper mainly focuses on the cutting of the front panel (FPL) and the cutting of the waterproof membrane (ps) film. Most manufacturers use laser cutting machines to cut electronic paper, that is, electronic paper laser cutting machines.

The electronic paper laser cutting machine is a high-precision cutting machine developed specifically for the electronics industry. It can be used for precision cutting of optical materials, film materials and non-metallic electronic parts in the electronics industry, with high cutting accuracy, and is widely used in the production of electronic paper. The high-precision energy control of the electronic paper laser cutting machine is suitable for the cutting of electronic material panels. The heat-affected area is small, the edge is smooth, the edge is not focused, and the edge is not melted. The cutting accuracy is high and the effect is good. It is suitable for cutting electronic paper and film materials. The first choice.

Recommended model: electronic paper laser cutting machine

Model configuration:

1. Configure imported radio frequency tube laser, light source More stable, longer lifespan

2. Equipped with screw drive device, reduce errors during operation, and improve cutting accuracy.

3. Equipped with servo motor drive system, high accuracy, Fast speed and good stability

4. Configure the marble platform to improve the stability of the machine itself and reduce the error of the result

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